Pimp My Printer – Printer Cartridges Refill at the Epson B500DN, B510DN

This week we have our Epson B500DN inkjet printer pimped ūüėČ First of all but a few facts about our faithful printing machine and the printer cartridges.

The printer is available with us in the office and currently prints a high number of invoices, delivery notes and other office correspondence, according to printerhall. For everyday office life, the Epson is excellently equipped printer: A large paper cassette, a second paper tray (150-sheet feeder top and a 500-sheet cassette), a well-functioning duplex unit and a network connection is also on board.

We have bought us the Epson B500DN mainly because of the low printing costs, because we print out daily hundreds sheets. Even with the Epson original cartridges print cheaper than most color laser printers. Also you can use huge Epson ink cartridges with up to 198 ml content, allow common cartridges move that is eliminated. The largest black cartridge for text printing has a range of about 8,000 pages at 5% coverage. The largest color cartridges create proud 7,000 pages with your 100 ml Ink according to Epson. The page range is thus a very ordinary color laser printer. As another part of wear, a waste ink box is installed, the first time needs to be replaced at about 35,000 pages. This container will absorb the ink from the cleaning runs in a sponge. That was also what are maintenance costs. Because we naturally try to save printing costs and to still love to preserve the environment, we have made us in the search for Refillmöglichkeiten and found the solution for us.
Pimp my printer

After a Refillm√∂glichkeit, we have encountered in search of special blank cartridges, which they can easily fill with refill ink . The cartridges are transparent and based on a plug for the air and ink hole. Since there is no compatible chips for the Epson original cartridges, we have brought us a matching chip Resetter to. With this Resetter, you can reset the chips of Epson original cartridges back to full. Another advantage is that these empty cartridges per 300 ml refill ink record. We create Dadaurch approx. 12,000 pages with the Schwazpatrone and approximately 21,000 pages per cartridge. These empty cartridges are longer than the Epson original cartridges through the higher quantity of course design and are therefore also slightly further out from the printer. That doesn’t bother but and there is also a disadvantage for us. On the image you can see very well the difference to the original cartridge Epson.

Refill printer cartridges for the Epson B500DN

To the refill the empty cartridges needed just the right after filling ink, the chip Resetter, a knife or a scalpel to the cut off of the chips and some liquid glue to the fix of chips.

Chip reset for the Epson B500DN

First, take the original Epson cartridge from the printer and sets out on the workplace. Take the chip Resetter and press it against the contacts of the chips. After repeated red blinking of the LED of the re setter, the led will be green and the reset process was conducted. The chip has been reset to full and is once again printed. Now the chip must be removed cartridge from Epson, to be glued on the compatible empty cartridge. You can of course only to glue and then reset on the empty cartridge, as shown on the picture.

Build to chip at the Epson B500DN

Using a knife or scalpel, withdraw the chip, which is connected to two small plastic lugs with the cartridge upwards. Should the chip still too hard to sit on the two small plastic tabs, you can carefully Disconnect these noses with a knife. Please aware that you don’t accidentally scratch the chip, so you could make unusable the chip. Now you can just pick the cartridge the chip by light remove.

Chip to stick with the Epson B500DN

The recess for the chip is attached to the empty cartridges at the same place. Again, these two plastic lugs are available and you can simply plug the chip through the two holes on the plastic lugs. The chip would sit well already fit, keeps but not sure yet. That’s why express a drop of glue on the opening of the cartridge and then put the chip on it. After a short drying period, the chip holds bombproof and sits by the two plastic tabs in fixing safely in the correct place.

Refill ink cartridges for the Epson B500DN

Two holes, which can be sealed with plugs, are attached to the empty cartridges. A hole is for the flow of ink at the print charge (air-hole) and the other hole for the refill Epson B500DN ink cartridges (ink-hole). At the refill cartridges should be only the (ink-hole) hole open. In these we flip the appropriate refill ink now. This hole in the cartridge is so wide, that you can tilt the ink directly from the bottle into the cartridge. Clumsy or zitterige comrades, should as a precaution interpreted the work with some Jo. Fits up to 300 ml of ink in a cartridge, with our 100 ml bottle 3 bottles would be accordingly. We use our Epson T0711-T0714 refill ink, by the way. This is the color vote very close to the the Epson B500DN original ink and thus fits.

After the cartridges filled were, you must insert the cartridges in the printer, and the conversion is done. The cartridges are recognized as full original cartridges and you can print immediately. The ink level is counted as cartridges for the Epson down and only if the chip again reports a blank cartridge, deleted must be again. Since the empty refillable cartridges have more ink content, the cartridges must be reset before the complete content of the ink is consumed. Simply take the appropriate cartridge from the printer and keep the Resetter to the chip. Because the refill cartridges are transparent, you can see the current amount of ink beautifully.

In subsequent fillings, you must no longer take the cartridges from the Epson B500DN. Simply flip the appropriate amount of ink directly from the bottle into the cartridge. Either with a funnel or free-hand as we.
We currently offer these empty cartridges in the tintenalarm.de shop of when requesting we are but of course at the disposal. The cartridges and refill instructions are also suitable for the Epson B510DN.