Puramania: Autumn/Winter Launch

Calm down guys, I’m not going crazy! kkkk even started the summer and I here talking about winter? That’s right, and I’ll explain. In the industry trendy thing’s a station in front, factories need to advance their claims to that clothes can arrive in stores in the period. Why the production has to be early.

The new Puramania collectionfall/winter 2016 bringing modern clothes, your pieces are beautiful and full of charm, everything that is fashion trend she brings to you, that marks this gaining much prominence in the fashion world, because only makes exclusive clothes to the current fashion, are quality clothing and comfort in all seasons the Puramania brings news and that the winter season would be no different, as that station asks for a little more sophistication, the collection is full of parts that you will pan out on the 2016 winter.

According to opelikafashion, the Puramania brought to 2016 1 innovative style and modern clothes, is synonymous with good taste and style for many people, the Puramania brings modern clothes for public male and female, in addition to the pieces of clothing she also has exclusive accessories such as sunglasses, handbags, shoes and other miscellaneous, this collection 2016 bringing shapes dry jackets, leather skirts, jeans(which is the flagship of the company), a lot of knitting, lace, exclusive and modern prints to the women and the male military colors, skinny jeans, leather jackets, this collection this must-see, you like fashion, you can’t help but check it out.

Who represents the Puramania in the State of Mato Grosso do Sul is the Surani Representations out site, which caters to retailers according to your needs always showing first hand all that trend. There you will find options for all styles, sizes and ages. Then the hint, for those who want quality, personalized service and great taste, must meet the Surani, who brings to you, all that is best in the fashion business. That’s right, tenants who are in search of news from the fashion world cannot be left out of the newest collection of Puramania with representation of the Surani. The just a peek in flashes to show a little bit of the new autumn/winter collection from 2016.