Qualcomm Toq: Smart watch Presented with Mirasol Display

Just as a few weeks ago was already to be read in the news, Qualcomm now presented with the Toq its own Smart watch. This has a Mirasol display from the own house, which like E-Ink displays consumes electricity only when the displayed picture changes. The representation of Mirasol is however in color, not only in black/white. Qualcomm does not yet provide any further information, because Toq is currently not yet a complete project. The display but probably the same as in the competition around the 1.6 inches.

 Also what under the hood slumbered the manufacturer does not tell, only Bluetooth 4.0 is currently known. Toq comes completely without buttons, the smart watch is only controlled via the display. This should always be very easy to read, whether in the night or directly in sunlight. Toq is powered by WiPower, the standard developed by Qualcomm and other partners for wireless charging. Toq will be compatible with all Android devices from Android 4.0.3 and is already available in the fourth quarter in the trade.

Interesting is currently for us mainly display, besides, of course, the Akkulaufzeit compared to the competition, which should be at Toq several days. The yesterday presented  Galaxy Gear is supposed to last only one day, which is in my opinion simply unacceptable, if the smart phone does not last much longer.

Update: A small disadvantage of Mirasol is the lack of lighting, so you can not theoretically use the clock in dark surroundings or read only badly. On the other hand, there are prototypes from Mirasol that solve the problem. However, the technical status of Toq is not yet known.