Review Barbor Glossy Liplite

These two glosses come from the GlossyBoxen with the Christmas stuff in December 2011 for Germany and Austria. What is special about the glossy Liplites is that in the part with the brush sponge, a LED light is lit and a mirror is integrated in the Glossbehälter on the side. The idea is to allow the tightening of the lips in the dark. The job is easy, because just the optimal amount of gloss to the sponge provided.

First I thought the light and the mirror more a gimmick, because he reflects mirror not very hot during the day and only point-lights up the light. But I was wrong! The test in the absolute dark revealed that the light here has a good brightness and – oh wonder – when you pull off the protective foil from the surface of the mirror, this razor-sharp reflected! Unfortunately I’ve noticed until just now with the slide – on the photos above she is still on it. If you let the protective film on the mirror, which is however better protected at the edges and the transition to the plastic container is softer. The second, I will let the foil until it. This is a nice feature, if you to want evening make-up in the dark.

Are who these colors?

On behalf of the colors at essential are delicate intensity, as it acts in the container. The Farbbtöne is well preserved. Both colors have fine glitter particles in the gloss, which have among other golds.

Although the nuance 03 pink looks, she also warm color types, because the glitter warm-toned is and it reinforces the lip color. With me, it is quite striking, but quite consistent. The sponge acts on the screen and also in Natura bright orange – the gloss but has the color, which is to see otherwise. Therefore’s will be suitable also for many bright color types.

The Brown coppery nuance of 01 is perfect for all types of autumn color. It is a very soft brown tone that is not used, but quite natural. This color will be moving into my purse.

Wear characteristics

The texture of the gloss is very pleasant, as simplyyellowpages says. You feel on the lips easily, are solvent-free and tasteless. Keep several hours without eating and drinking. They are very good drinking. Food stand in even a little bit.


Clear purchase recommendation from me to all lovers of gloss. I find reasonable the price with EUR 16,50 (measurement according to GlossyBox).

The products in this post were provided cost and unconditionally me by GlossyBox or the competent public relations firm. Thank you very much! The post reflect my honest, free and subjective opinion.