Smart watch, New Nexus Q and Game Console in Work?

The well-informed Wall Street Journal has a few news for us, which are not really so new. This time, it is about other Nexus devices from Google, because the company should work according to the sources of the renowned colleagues at a Smart watch and also an own game console. Especially the rumor around the Smart watch is not new, which is synonymous to Samsung ( with screen shots ) and also to Apple. All manufacturers have already registered any patents several years ago, therefore are generally suspected of developing a smart clock.

 The game console with Android should not be surprising at the first moment, because there will be some devices in the next time anyway. With OUYA , the most famous candidate will certainly start, but more will follow. In the meantime, however, I dare to question a great success, because there have been no great ideas to date, but only cheap devices with many retro games. Surely quite nice but not really the future for stationary game consoles.

In addition to the two devices mentioned there will probably also be a successor for the failed streaming player Nexus Q. If that is the case, then certainly decisively cheaper and not only for music, but also for the streaming of films. Rather, I believe in an in-house competitor to the Apple TV, on the other hand, this already with Google TV. The colleagues of Droid-life also believe that the new Nexus Q and the game console could be a single device.

It remains to be concluded that Google will bring more devices than just smart phones and tablets. Due to Google Glass I see a smart watch but almost as unrealistic as I would interpret it as a step backwards for Google. On the other hand, such devices will be abundant, above all affordable for everyone.