T-Shirt Customization: Tips and Ideas for Customizing Your Clothes

Learn How To Leave Your Basic T-Shirts With A New Face The Easy Way And Give One Up In Your Wardrobe

When it comes to clothing customization the word that comes to mind immediately is exclusivity. Customizing a piece is to make some intervention in the original look of it and make it into some unique and custom look for you.

In addition to the main advantage of customizing unique clothing, another benefit is to be able to reinvent a part that is no longer in use, modernize it or even turn it into another piece.

For this, there are many customization techniques, from the most complex (involving sewing skills) to the simplest ones (like just folding the piece in a different way), but with creativity and patience it is possible to join ideas, combine materials and so on create new ways to personalize your clothes without too much hassle.

Check out ideas and easy tutorials to customize your T-shirts and leave them with a new face without leaving home and without much work.

Materials You Can Use In Customization

Just as there are several ways to customize your clothing, there are different types of materials that can be used in the process: tacks, buttons, sequins, fabrics and more.

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Each technique has its list of specific material, but some materials are quite recurring when customizing pieces. Find out what are the main items to perform a customization:


Ink and glue for fabric



Paper molds

Line and needle

5 T-Shirt Customization Ideas

The variety of customization techniques is huge, so it is a practice that can be adopted by women of different styles and ages. Check out some options to customize your shirts and choose the one that suits you best for home testing.

1. Back Necklines

A great way to refresh the look of your shirts is to turn them into other blouse models. Here, the idea is to make some cutout on the back of the T-shirt. For this you will only need the shirt to be customized and a pair of scissors (if you want to make markings for the cut, use a pencil).

Some options for necklines: cut a deep, oval cava, imitating a body neckline, make a cut by forming an opening at the bottom of the blouse or create some drawing with the cutouts (hearts, skulls, crosses).

2. Fringes

Still following the simple line of customization “shirt + scissors”, it is possible to modernize the piece creating fringes at its ends (sleeves and bar). There are the simple fringes, braided fringes, more elaborate and a great option to customize abadás or to produce top croppeds and the “fasted fringes” in the back or the side that create an interesting transparency.

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3. Cuts And Other Cutting Options

There are also other types of cuts that can be done to modernize a garment: cuts on the collar and the side (leaving the shirt more dug), interference on the sleeves (tears, shreds and the famous double sleeve) and the cut to create a mooring on the shirt.

4. Applications

A cheap and super stylish alternative to custom t-shirts is to make applications with tacks, spikes, chains, paetê and pedrarias. It’s easy to find these items at grocery stores and grocery stores. Visual effects depend on the type and amount of applications.

The spikes and tacks bring a touch of aggressiveness to the look, are well applied in the collar, over the shoulders and the sleeves of the blouse, as well as the chains. Already the paetê and the pedrarias form look more glamorous. They can be applied in the same places as the other applications or around the whole part. In addition, all types of applications can also form designs and textures in the center of the shirt.

5. Prints

The most common and simple form of customization is the print. It is possible to create and recreate numerous drawings and use different painting techniques, that is, the personalization through the print unfolds in various painting techniques.

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One of the easiest ways to stamp your shirt is by creating a template with paper and painting through it. It can be cast and the pattern can be generated by the definition of the shapes or be whole and the drawing be formed only by the contour of the mold. The two effects are quite different, but have in common the ease of achieving good results with customization. Can be made with drawings or phrases.

There are also specific prints, such as tie-dye (very connected to hippie culture), dip-dye, animal print , galaxy, ethnic, floral and many others. The techniques for producing such prints are different but, in general, they are not difficult to reproduce.

Tie-dye means tying and dyeing, the technique basically consists of these steps and combines different colors. The dip-dye print forms the gradient effect in the pieces and is usually performed with the same tone colors. Some prints reproduce the visual effects of some element or style with is the case of the animal print, the galaxy, the floral and the ethnic.

Regardless of the type of print it is necessary to remember that a printed t-shirt composes more informal and relaxed looks, since they are usually colored pieces. To keep the look balanced, match the embossed piece with neutral pieces.

Videos: Custom T-Shirts Tutorials

Check out six tutorials teaching you quick and easy customizations for you to test at home and give your shirts a new face.