The 5 Best Aquatic MP3 That You Can Buy In 2017

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Are you thinking buy aquatic online MP3 and you decide?

Would you like to listen to music while swimming in the pool, or even in the sea?

I bring you everything that you need to look at and compare:

Seriously, you’ll find the best water mp3

Whatever you’re looking for, I teach it yourself:

From the best model for 2017 submersible mp3

Even the water mp3 more cheaply on the market

And all the intermediate course, so can choose the range that you want to

Here is the index of the comparative, in case you need hurry.And we started:

Buy water Mp3 is very simple:

It is not a type of product with many levels or ranges of prices

Instead, you have two options:

A series of submersible mp3TOP, high quality (and price)

And other MP3 players cheap, simple

Not me you misunderstand:

The cheap aquatic mp3 work perfectly

No water enters them, and they reproduce whatever you want:

We are no longer in 2008.

All submersible music players with low prices that bring you have dozens of very positive reviews on Amazon:

A perfect indicator of the quality of a product

But if you want a computer 100% reliable, with many functions and settings, you have to go to the high end

Be that as it may, get what you easy. Take a look:

The best aquatic MP3 swimming [updated March 2017]

All models that you leave here down to reproduce what you need:

MP3 music that you have downloaded with uTorrent and want to listen to while you swim

Podcasts of radios that download from blogs on the internet

Audiobooks that you find online and listen instead of read the book

Whatever it is that you want to play (in MP3 or WMA format), you can hear it while swimming in the pool:

Top of range: Finis, mark for swimmers

I present you the first


So you see now what is the best water mp3 market in 2017:

The DUO Finis Underwater: TOP technology

It fits in the swim goggles strap

And reproduced by bone conduction (now you explain in what’s happening)

An handset on each side, and ready:

No cables or connectors

So you avoid rusting or water plug:

4GB storage:

It is usual, and you don’t need more. Unless you are going to go swimming more than 60 hours straight…

Protection IPX8:

Up to 3 meters deep for 30 minutes. Normally you swim on the surface, so no worries for this. They hold perfectly

The Finis DUO Underwater is heard more crisp and clear when you’re under water:

Thanks to the works without headphones, unlike other aquatic models of mp3

As I said, the Player the FINIS DUO works by bone transmission:

You don’t have to put headphones inside the ears, as with the rest of water mp3

Instead, mp3 Finis DUO is placed over the front of the ear.

Between your eye and your ear ↓

Avoid headphones, do not have concerns that get you out, or you to get water in your ears

Zero problems

 (Lithium-ion) battery lasts up to 7 hours:

Not going to spend much time swimming, truth?

And will reload without plugs or connectors:

All without putting pins in the own mp3 player

So you make sure that there is no risk with the water, or that your cables or pins will rust

So you see it Live and you can see it in swimmers real, here’s a video of the best aquatic 2017 mp3:

If you are looking for the highest quality, regardless of you both the price of the water mp3 player…

This is the best option of all.

Here you have access to see the opinions of customers and the updated price:

Or if you want something more traditional, while maintainingcomfort swim without cables and many devices, look at this:

Among the best: Sony Walkman, reliable and secure

This brand is always synonymous with confidence.

They manufacture all kinds of appliances and electronics gadgets, always with perfect results :

The Sony Walkman NW-WS413 also offers you maximum quality

Very sleek design

And perfect results for listening to music in the pool while swimming:

As usual, 4 GB capacity

Thanks to its all-in-one design, you avoid wires hanging

In addition, the total weight is 32 g nothing more

For this reason, you can use it in the pool when you go to swim…

But you can also use them when you go out to run, bike, or go to the gym, for example

Protection IP65/IP68 (maximum 30 minutes to 2 meters deep):

Serve you perfectly for swimming in the pool

And as a special function, you can also use them in seawater: you can swim in the sea with your submersible Sony Walkman NW-WS413 mp3

Just remember:

Putting the special pads for water

Clean it properly (including instructions)

The Sony Walkman NW-WS413 battery lasts up to 12 hours at a time playing music

The charging system is similar to that seen for previous player

You can see it in the video that you have left a little further down:

The Sony Walkman mp3 player is inserted into its base(included), and this is connected to the computer by USB

And ready: you can load the submersible mp3, or copy music or files inside

Here I leave the video from the them out of his box, so you can see all the parts and get an idea of the operation:

Here you have access so you can see the details:

Look at the dozens of opinions of happy customers

And price updated (the shops change all the time)

Take a look, and put it in your order today :

Do these two options that you’ve left escape you price ?

Here below are three models of water with much cheaper prices mp3

They maintain the basic functions and even include some new, now you see it

Reduce design and ergonomics, but if that is not a problem for you, take a look:

(One of them, for less than €20)

An economic waterproof MP3

If you don’t want to spend the prices that you’ve just seen, take a look at this model:

Look at one of the best cheap aquatic MP3:AERB 4 GB

One of the best valued at Amazon, and with better results

A simple design but it works and does not give problems

That Yes: is no longer one water MP3s all in one, integrated in the headphones…

Instead, the AERB 4 GB will have to take it in the back of the glasses, and using earphones (included)

The performance is Basic and very simple.

Helmets, as you can see here above ↑, conform to the ears withhooks:

So don’t have problems that are you leaving while swimming

The aquatic AERB 4 GB mp3 also includes 6 pairs of different pillows:

Remember that, by contact with water, helmets can get away more easily

For this reason, dedicated some time to try different pads until you find the perfect combination for you

This submersible mp3 has a duration of between 18 and 20 hours battery

Not wrong, no?

Battery charge + songs from the PC are backed with a USB cable that plugs into the same hole in helmets (look at the picture here above ↑)

Less risk of entry of water when you use it in the pool while swimming

According to the opinions of other buyers, this mp3 for swimming offers one of the best qualities of sound underwater you can find in this price range

To see all the reviews and review updated actual price, I leave here ↓ access take a look:

Another normal waterproof mp3 Watch:

Among the aquatic mp3 with cheapest prices, this is an option quite proper and affordable

You only have to take into account the safety precautions to prevent that they damage by contact with water

I present the Sunstech Triton

An mp3 to swim with a simpler design

Even so, without cables or external devices:

Own mp3 player is built into the headphones on your ears

4GB capacity, as all those who have already taught you:

It includes 12 pads so that it fits snugly to your ears and does not fall off while swimming

A battery life of up to 10 hours at a time playing music

For connection to the computer by USB, you need remove thesafety Cap and connect the cable.

Make sure that the Plug is in place before putting the water player in the pool

You can also buy your submersible mp3 Sunstech Triton inorange/black ↓

¿This option seem interesting?

You can look at the opinions of customers, and updated price of water mp3 100%:

And how you had promised… Here’s an mp3 player submersible for under 20 euros:

The cheapest MP3 player water in 2017

If you don’t mind too much of the apparatus or sound quality…

The aquatic Sodial® 4 GB mp3

The model more economical that you can find for sale online…

Less than 20 euros you have a mp3 player to take you to the swimming pool and listen to music while you swim:

Battery charge + copy of songs in the same entry as the headset

Conectas SODIAL submersible mp3 to your computer with the USB cable without the need for more holes in the player

In addition, view photos. There is a slot connection on the product, but it is connected by a small cable:

This reduces the risk that water in SODIAL mp3

Basic functions and handsets including waterproof

You can not ask more for this price:

Here you have access to all the details and opinions of clients

You will also see price updated from here (fluctuates daily) ↓↓

You didn’t find what you were looking for? Tell me about it on a line, here down in the comments

If you miss a model missing or end up not seeing him clear, you echo a hand also, no problem

Before you leave, remember to pass this guide to a mate who is looking for an aquatic mp3 for when going to swi

Here is the online access for purchase information: