The Handbag Therapist: “Like a Piece of Home”

Rosanna Pierantognetti has a special talent:she can close the contents of a bag to the owner’s personality. has met the “handbag therapist” for the interview.
Mrs Pierantognetti, you have already looked into hundreds of pockets. Is there anything that – apart from wallet, key and mobile phone – really has every woman in her handbag?
Lipstick or labello and tampons.
The handbag content is something very private. How do you make women open their pockets for your analysis?
With my charming kind, I always gain the confidence immediately – and I like to show the chaos in my own pocket. If I can then the tabuzone of the women durchforgsten and with my analysis directly into the black meet, they are mostly deeply impressed. Almost always, I have also tips on how the women can arrange not only the bag, but also their life better.
How did you come across the unusual topic of “handbag analysis”?
When I watched my little daughter as she daily cleansed my bag with pleasure and curiosity, I also began to examine the bags of my friends. I was able to establish successive parallels to the different types of women and therefore I have also read into the psychoanalysis.

What type of handbags are there for your observations?
Roughly, I divide into four types, but they are differentiated according to their personal focus: the happiness strategy, the fun-loving, the all-connoisseur and the peace-maker. For example, I am happy and deliberate in the joy of happiness: the types “Pipilotta de Luxe” and “Happiness is everywhere”, but the “Tigerwoman” and the woman type “Everything has a handle”. The complete typology can be found at our site.ce would you give for example to a “Pipilotta de Luxe”?
A Pipilotta de Luxe is as lively as a squirrel. Just like this, she should put a few nuts on her bank account and also look more forward in other areas. My advice to all Pipilottas: Do not forget to congratulate your girlfriends on a birthday. And look in your pocket for the unfinished – for example, government letters or unanswered SMS.

What were the most extraordinary items you’ve ever found in a handbag?
Whistleblower, savers, niple balm and multitool.
And how much did your estimation weigh the heaviest handbag you could examine?
So, the average bag is between 1.5 and 3.5 kilograms. Everything else is not only back-shattered, but also strange. I have recently met a lady who was probably at home in the red light environment, carrying a handbag weighing 18 kilos.
Why do women have the urge to pack so much into their handbags?
The handbag is a piece of home for them. Many women say that their bags mean their lives. It is probably due to the fact that many women would grab their handbags in a fire with a handle, because they have everything they need to survive: passport, money, driving license, credit card and a few emotional things as well as a calendar with all appointments. Of course, the most important cosmetics as well as a toothbrush can not be missing. The famous architect Zaha Hadid answered the question how she would make a hotel room comfortable, she would simply take her handbag with her …
How many bags do you own?
Circa 30. For me, a leather handbag from Baglib must also fit the outfit. I love variety and therefore have one for every occasion – only one bag makes my styling complete.

Do you have a “basic equipment” in every individual – or is it repacked every time?
No, I pack everything into my handbag organizer – a “bag for the bag” (eg the Bag’n Bag, about 30 Euro, can be ordered via, note red). And this I pack daily in a new handbag.

Did you tell us what you carry around in your current bag?
T-shirts, t-shirts, toothbrushes, cosmetics, patches, contact lenses and emergency flats when the high heels do not go anymore, Moleskine, my bag-butler, Pacifier, key, two mobile phones, wallet, several ball-point pens, keybord and photos of my daughter.