The Secret Truths: Novel Bra Strappy Bra

Learn all about the bra strips used by actresses Grazi Massafera and Agatha Moreira in the novel Secret Truths!

Grazi Massafera

Let’s start talking about Grazi Massafera. In the novel Secret Truths, the beautiful actress is playing for Larissa, a model who became dependent on chemistry. Grazi has received praise in the media and from viewers for your performance (actually she’s overcoming in the interpretation of the paper!).

Like most models, Larissa always uses pieces of sets, which are on the wishlists of fashionistas! Our tip for today is about the strappy Bra, a strong trend that brings a rereading of the conventional bras and that was used by Grazi in one of the scenes of desperation of Larissa. But before we will know a little more about the famous strip Bras:

“The strappy bra became an essential item in our lingerie drawer. A bra with elastic straps that form a geometric design on the body became the object of desire of most women. Bloggers, actresses, TV presenting. Everybody’s using. With a footprint super fashion, this model of bra may be showing, especially his strips. Goes very well with a tank top, showing the coasts, with necklines, leaving the collar on display and with transparencies, getting all the shows. It’s fashion that’s here to stay and has conquered the heart of fashionistas and it-girls.”

And now the scene of the novel Secret Truths that inspired us for super special tips:

Agatha Moreira:

The character of Agatha Moreira in Secret Truths is the villain Giovanna. Spoiled, cold and calculating, Giovanna gathers various defects that would make anyone run out! But, let’s face it: she’s SUPER stylish! In every scene his looks are impeccable, with modern parts, custom and that give an air super modern and urban to the character. And, like a good fashionista, Giovanna was not outside the fever of strappy Bra.

Check out this snippet where she plays opposite with Reynaldo Gianecchini, interpreter of the character Anthony.

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