Tips for DVR Connection Failure Stand Alone

Hello Let’s address issues that are addressed in other forums being problems connecting DVR Stand Alone device.

Tips for DVR Connection Failure Stand Alone

Let’s start with troubleshooting tips on the internal network we call the LAN. This access does not have much secrecy and there are few curriculum problems that happen in this access.

In most DVR Stand Alone to configure the LAN we have to do the following, we have to address the DVR Stand Alone device with IP sub masking Gateway and standard port specified by the manufacturer, and to complete the access the rest of the network has that it is in the same IP class that the DVR Stand Alone device.

Configuring these parameters will hardly go wrong or present an error in the communication with the DVR device. The curricular problems that may occur in this percussion are configurations such as class IP or Gateway or cable clipped in an eradicated way.

Now let’s give tips for connection failures with an external access or over the internet we will pass the most common mistakes made by users.

Do not properly route the web port on the DVR device this makes it impossible to connect generally these port can not be port 80 because that is blocked it has to be different from that.

Do not register the domain correctly also this happens a lot, most users have doubts of how to do the domain registration today has several videos on the internet that teach to properly register a domain.

Well, these are the main mistakes that happens to make it impossible to connect to the web of a DVR Stand Alone device, if you know or already got different problems that this comment here on our site exchange experience with agent participate make your comment.