Tips for Prang in Blush!

The blush is a super ally and makes a lot of difference in time for makeup, that we know. But who’s not afraid of making mistakes in time to spend? For experts, it is not necessary to do drama or stop using this production by fear. The essential tip is try it! Just testing you will have the certainty and security of what’s best for your face. I separated some tips to give a “help” at the time of the make-up, come on?

Choice Of Color

The choice of color should be made from the harmonization with the skin tone:

Very Clear Skin

The more white should avoid Brown-toned blush or pink open. For them, the best bet is the blend of peach and pink, but always smoothly and with little glow.

Clear Skin

Those with the skin a darker, but still in line with fair skin, can explore more colors, but avoiding strong shades like pink.

Brown Skin

In this case, the color that is not shown is the terracotta. If you’re part of the Group of Brunettes, it is better to avoid. Bet on pink, which help break the skin tone, making a balance.

Black Skin

Black women should be careful only with light shades of pink, which offer a drier finish. The bet, then, is in the strongest tones as wine and dark bronze.

Choose The Texture

Each blush texture has its advantages and disadvantages in time to apply. Choose your favorite makeup type:

  1. Powder:the blush powder is one of the most common and may come loose or compact powder, and can have color 1, color 2 or a mosaic of colors. He is the most easy to use and is indicated for those who have the skin young and like to apply using brush.
  2. Cream:the blush on cream can come in jars or tubes. Your application can be made with your fingers and it should come soon after the base. The blushes in cream, mousse and liquid are ideal for mature skin because it spread better even with the lines.
  3. Mousse:the blush mousse cream is similar to, but more consistent in texture. Must be applied carefully so as not to be too strong in the face. Is ideal to take on trips therefore differs from the dust, not “pour” spreading blush in your toiletry bag that goes in the bag.
  4. Liquid:the blush looks like a liquid ink and your application can be a little complicated, due to the possibility of staining the skin if not well spread. To pass it, dripping two or three drops on the spot and spread faded with the finger. Caution when esfumá him not to finish removing the base.
  5. Bat: the blush stick is convenient to carry and use on a daily basis, after all your packing in General is more resistant, similar to that of a lipstick. To apply it, make a ball with the bat in the cheekbone and vanish with the fingers. Must be applied before facial powder.
  6. Pearls: the pearls have application and effect similar to powder blush. The difference is that it comes in the form of balls, and, in some cases, can have polka dots of different shades of blush, such as blushes.The product can be made with a brush or directly with the hands, according to the desired coverage or the texture of the product. For powdered products, the ideal is to use brushes. Already the cream and liquid versions can be scattered in the face with your fingers, but always with careful blending well to prevent the product from being too marked on the skin.

How To Apply

  1. traditional Brush:easy to be found in any perfumery.His job is to provide a good natural effect to blush, and ensures that thanks to its large bristles, you smoke the product;
  2. Brush beveled:thinner and inclined, provides a stronger pigmentation and checked;
  3. Duo Fiber Brush: great for creamy blushes, he spread the product evenly.Can be a good way out for those who prefer strong pigmentation, as it allows a blur effect;
  4. Kabuki:smaller than the traditional, but able to provide a natural and uniform effect.Don’t overdo the amount of blush when you use this type of brush;
  5. Kabuki Brush beveled:this type provides a stronger result in the skin.Thinner than the bevel, the devotees to this type of brush must be attentive to marking the face with excess product.

And finally, the implementation in each type of face – is pretty easy to show with these explanatory Comics:

Girls, don’t forget: when it comes to blush, the “tip” is not exaggerating. He should never be marked in the face, but only a “flushed” to your skin for a healthy impression. Go easy on the application that the blush will make you even more beautiful!!!