Tips To Circulate Safely Bike Night

When it gets dark and we caught on the route or if we went out for a walk near home, taking advantage of good temperature, must go prepared, because, as you know, we are not just visible to others. This is a factor that makes us fragile, although we are going through a marked area.

Cycling at night like many, especially in the summer and so special, as the beach areas, forest, etc. This should not make us lower our guard, because, at any time, it can appear a vehicle and endangering us. Therefore the most important thing is not that we see, but be seen by others. Then, sportingology will give a series of safety measures for cycling at night.


The most widely used is the reflective vest; Apart from being very easy to acquire, it is comfortable, and above all, makes us very visible. There are a few models for use in the bike, which are shorter and lighter.

Clips of the pants-bass, there are also reflector; There are also strips for arms. Also other objects of cycling, such as saddlebags with reflectors, retro-reflectors, reflector bands of tires, etc.

Two of these elements is sufficient, although it is exaggerating to go with more security. The law requires to carry at least a reflective element to long-distance routes, in addition to the white light in front and rear (or a reflective) failing.

The front panel

This piece, which fits in the front, just weighs and resist enough. Comes in handy to shed light where there look, such as a map, signs or any part of the road that we want to see; In addition, it is very useful for use in camping.

The most complete can be repositioned and have large capacity, illuminating up to 50 m. Some are attached to the helmets, but exacerbated the weight, unless they are both very light.

The Dynamo

This system, which takes advantage of the rotation of the wheel to get the energy, is very practical when it is inserted in the bushing, since the fixed fork is something loud and low. Despite being expensive and heavy, combined with the lighthouse main provides excellent lighting, and if a good condenser gets, keeps a while light once stood.

The lights

The headlight, according to law, should be white or yellow light. Its power depends on the way, but outside of the city should we bring a powerful light.

The sides of the handlebar are many MBT, an important accessory, as it provides lateral visibility, especially when advance cars, since they serve them as reference.

Finally, the indicators, that alert when you turn. If day can do it with your arms, night should have these accessories, which will prevent us more than one danger safely.

Other tips to keep in mind

Before leaving the town or the village, it is best to check the bike: wheels, brakes, lights, etc., as well as accessories, to avoid surprises. It is not the same circular around the urban area, where there are more resources, than in the road or field, with isolated areas.

If we have powerful front lights and low light on the road, it is advisable to not look front cars, to not to dazzle them.

You also must be careful with the bumps, the changes highlighted and level, etc.; at night, the vision is smaller and prevents us to distinguish them. For this reason, the importance of good lights and go braking when dropping by unknown, difficult terrain or slope down.

I hope in the next entry, in which he’ll talk more thoroughly lights bicycle: types and specifications.

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