Topop 3000 Lumens Flashlight

Topop Headlight 3000 Lum 3 Light Mode, Light up to 400 Meters, Flashlight Head Rechargeable LED with 2 Pcs Battery up to 6 Hours Use. LED Lamp for Camping, Fishing, Emergency Light, Exterior and Interior

Shipping And Packing

Sold by GoldenSwing and managed by Amazon . As usual in orders to Amazon shipping is fast and packaging very good, although in this case perhaps the box has been a bit large although the package arrived without any damage.

Package Content

– The lantern with its strap to adapt it to the head.
– 2 rechargeable batteries (remember to remove them from their plastic wrap, otherwise the lamp will not work, ready that is one, lol).
– Charging cable with USB connection.
– User manual, in Chinese, Spanish, English, German and French.


LED projector provides up to 3000 lumens illumination. Lighting distance up to 300 meters.
– 2 18650 rechargeable batteries, up to 6 hours of lighting with maximum load, according to the seller, and with the first charge at 2.30 o’clock the intensity has started to go down and about 4.30 o’clock has been turned off.
– 3 levels of intensity that change by pressing the button behind the head of the flashlight, pulsation 1 on and high intensity, pulsation 2 medium intensity, pulsation 3 low intensity.
– Blink mode, pulse 4, the light flashes in emergency mode or to have more visibility and to see the cars that come from front, although the light flashes, we still see with the light emitted by the lamp. If we press again, we’ll turn off the flashlight.
– Led on battery charger cable that changes from red to blue (in theory green but I have seen it only blue) depending on the level of charge.
– Adjustable straps to fit the head.
– Rechargeable battery container in the back that has a red back light pilot to be visible from behind, very useful if you go on a bicycle.
– Field regulator of the size of illumination through a thread behind the light output, we can make a spotlight or a more dispersed light.
– Adjustable inclination of the focus according to our needs

Impressions Of Use

– After wearing it for a while in the head (about 45 minutes in a row) is a little annoying but not too much, the materials are of good quality which contributes to comfort,
– bringing the battery compartment in the back is counterweight With the flashlight on the front and makes the grip is perfect without adjusting the straps too tight to avoid rocking.


– Recommended 100%, the materials and finishes look good quality, the duration is not bad at all, the weight is quite bearable (would have to see after 6 hours put) and the lighting both in intensity and in scope are very good.
– Totally recommended for use in camping, to repair the car, night sports, etc.
– Perhaps the only drawback is that the batteries are not of a standard size from which you can get non-rechargeable batteries for when the charge is finished. This could be solved with a powerful powerbank to have a few more hours of backup.
– I was going to give it but it seems to me that I keep it and I will buy another just like my relative.

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