Trail Running on the Circular Marker Trail Hosingen

In the context of our camping (Glamping) stay in the vicinity of Untereisenbach, wanted to I’s not without even walking a trail running round in this part of our small country. The circular hiking trail Hosingenconveniently runs close camping Kohnenhof. With less than 10 km and about 360 metres a but quite demanding track.

Usually, you start a hike on this circular er trail in Hosingen, because there are good parking facilities. The entrance of the camping Kohnenhof, but also quite simply via a narrow and steep trail. So add up then same time around 100 m and 2 km (there and back) to the actual route. It is here on the actual circular hiking trail, you need to follow just the blue arrows of the “auto Pédestre”.

At this point continue again during a kilometre over a great trail, before you encounter a little attractive country road which leads one upper Eisenbach in the small village. Here turn back into the forest, and after a small hill of long (about 5 km) increase in waiting then up after Hosingen. This leads first later over wide, paved paths through the forest, over paved roads, meadows and fields, in the Centre of Hosingen.

Walking out again from Hosingen, a short time later to reach the highest point of the circular hiking trail, and can enjoy a great view over the surrounding countryside. From here you can then, on the last two kilometers down the Valley, fly in the legs. Above fields runs, over asphalt, left and right of gorgeous flowering rapeseed and broom past before the way is then always narrower, leads back into the forest, and finally back at the camping site spits out one of the trail.

Here is my recording of the trail:


Hosingen’s er Rundwanderweg scenic is a great round. Me are altogether too many fortified as trail or paved kilometers between the trail sections. Also I would tackle the round in opposite directions with the disadvantage that they are not or poorly, can orient on the signs, because it was designed only in one direction (clockwise). You have a short (2 km) crunchy increase at the beginning and a long (5 km) downhill section. I highly recommend also the entrance to the camping Kohnenhof Trailläufern, as you can to the completion of the round race always a hot downhill according to

Maps are there to print, as well as GPX / KML Track for free download, on the Luxembourg GeoPortal.