Westwing Guide for Ceiling Lamp

Whether in the kitchen or in the living room, one of the great secrets to good decor is the lighting. Besides complementing the environment, it is a great option to highlight the room, providing warmth and charm to the decoration. One of the most used options to compose, lighten and bring light to the spaces is the ceiling lamp. The part can be produced in materials such as steel, glass and even aluminum and appear in the option of embedding or overlapping.

It is not necessary to leave aside the decorating style when choosing your ceiling lamp. It has several different designs and can be used virtually throughout the house. The ceiling lamp can be divided into two categories: inlay and overlap. Find different models of ceiling lamps in Westwing, select the one that will best complete your décor and pay up to 10x without interest!

Options For Buy Recessed Ceiling Lamp

This type of luminaire can be used in a variety of environments depending on the model. The  recessed ceiling lamp can be installed in plaster or in modular lining. It also serves to highlight objects from the decoration of the space, to highlight details of the architecture of the room or even to bring light bulbs to the table. With many models in the market, it is necessary to pay attention to the type of lamp indicated for each one, thus guaranteeing that the luminaire exercises the paper to which it was used. Check product details at the best price in Westwing!

Overlap Ceiling Lamp

This type of ceiling lamp can take many forms, and can be manufactured in various materials such as aluminum, steel and even glass. Commonly found, its versatility allows it to be used in many home environments. Another advantage of the overlapping ceiling lamp is that it is easily installed and even enhances the décor of the room depending on the model. As well as the one to be built, it is necessary to pay attention to the type of lamp chosen so that the ceiling lamp performs exactly the assigned function.

Combining functionality and beauty, the ceiling lamp is one of theindispensable items in the house . And the best part is that the piece can be combined with different styles of decoration. Sign up for Westwing and find the ideal lamp for your space, with delivery throughout Brazil!