What is Administration?

Administration is the act of administering, planning, controlling and directing the various resources available to a person, company, business or organization, in order to achieve a series of objectives.

The administration is a social science that studies the organizations, private and public, and the various strategies of planning, coordination, control and direction that are applied in the management of resources destined for the optimization of the operation of these and guarantee the reach of the goals proposals.

The way organizations are managed or managed will determine if they will be able to effectively use their resources to achieve the proposed objectives. Therefore, the role of the administrator has a strong impact on the performance of organizations.

In this sense, the administration includes the adequate and efficient use of the human, financial, technical, material, cognitive and systematic resources that an organization or company uses to obtain greater benefits.

Hence, the administration studies are interdisciplinary and are related to other areas that are also involved in the action of managing a company or organization, so it involves knowledge about economics, statistics, accounting, marketing and law, among others.

Some sciences that are considered administrative are, for example, marketing or commercial administration, which studies the behavior of consumers in the market, and accounting or financial administration, which provides useful information for economic decision making.

Therefore, the administrator has extensive knowledge to work in various areas, such as marketing and advertising, international business or foreign trade, information systems, environmental management, logistics or Third sector, among others.

On the other hand, the term administration may vary according to the sense in which it is used, although the purpose is basically the same, to study the internal structures that manage the resources of the organizations and their productivity.

For example, it can refer to both a public authority and the steering committee of a private company.

The word administration derives from the Latin administratio, which means’ address’, ‘management’ or ‘management’, which is formed from the prefix ad -, which means’ address’, and from the word minister, which means’ obedience ‘,’ at the service from’.

In this way, the word administration refers to the operation, structure and performance of companies or organizations that are at the service of others.

Business Administration

Business administration is a branch of the social sciences that is characterized by applying a series of strategies with which they intend to achieve various objectives in a given time.

In a company, whether public or private, the act of managing means planning, organizing, directing, coordinating and controlling tasks or processes, in order to achieve high productivity balanced with the well-being of workers, and obtain profits or Benefits.

For example, strategic studies such as SWOT or benchmarking are applied in business administration to achieve the objectives defined by the organization.

Public administration

The public administration of a State is the set of state agencies or public institutions that are responsible for applying the essential directives for compliance with laws and regulations.

Public administration is the link between citizenship and political power, and both officials and public buildings are part of it.