What is Arrogant?

Arrogant is a person who lacks humility, or who feels or thinks himself superior to others is called. It is an adjective used to express a negative characteristic or a defect in the personality of an individual. The word comes from the Latin arrŏgansarrogantis.

Being arrogant means being haughty, arrogant, boastful, arrogant, conceited. It is arrogant who believes to be an expert in all subjects, and who, consequently, has no interest in hearing other opinions. An arrogant person even despises and offends other people.

The arrogant is a proud, arrogant, presumptuous and extremely vain and conceited people.

According to social norms and rules, none of the characteristics associated with arrogance is positive, so this term is usually used with a negative connotation.

In fact, some people confuse arrogance with self-esteem. However, they are different things: having self-confidence or high self-esteem does not imply a defect or have a negative charge, on the contrary, it is simply trusting one’s own personal abilities. On the contrary, being arrogant implies having an excess of pride that sometimes does not allow us to realize our failures or limitations.

Formerly, it was said that arrogant was that brave, handsome and noble person, gallant and determined in his way of acting and behaving.

Synonyms of arrogant are: arrogant, arrogant, petulant, haughty, presumptuous, presumed, brave, brioso or gallardo. Antonyms, on the other hand, would be humble, modest or cowardly.