What is Arrollo?

Arrollo is the first person singular of the present indicative of the verb overwhelm . Referring to the above, winding is run over someone, pass the vehicle over an individual causing his death or severe injuries.

The word coiling has different meanings depends on the context in which it is used. To wrap is to wrap something in the form of a roll or cylinder, for example “roll the fabric”. Likewise, the term winding is to collapse a thing by rolling it because of wind or water, like “the heavy rain rolled several logs.”

The word overwhelm is used to describe a person who ignores laws or other views or care, does not respect the rights and opinions of others , for example “the new boss overwhelms all their workers.” Also, overwhelming is defeating, leaving someone speechless for having better explanations such as “at the conference he overwhelmed everyone for having better arguments or explanations.”

In sport or contest, the term winding can be used to indicate that the opponent overthrew the enemy as “Floy Mayweather Pacquiao steamrolled.”

The word arrollo can be used as a synonym for abuse, trampling, scattering , domination, revenge, among others. Some antonyms of the referred word are: respect, enhancement, dignity, and so on.

On the other hand, the term arrollo translated into the English language is “overwhelm“.

Arrollo and ar r oyo

Do not confuse the terms brook and stream. The term stream is a short flow of water, as well as, part of the street where the water runs.