What is Artifact?

Artifact is an object built with some kind of ingenuity and technique for a specific performance. Artifact is also used to refer to any medium-sized object such as furniture, television or some type of instrument.

Artifacts are devices built with different parts for a given use. Artifact derives from the conjugation of the Latin words arte and factum that means something “made with art”.

Artifact is synonymous with apparatus, machine, gadget, instrument, explosive, crafts.

Due to its origin, the word artifact is associated with the crafts created by artisans and also with magical artifacts, a concept popularized by video games and role-playing games, the best known being MMORPGs or “massively multiplayer online role-playing videogames” .

An artifact can also be a type of explosive, for example, “an explosive device was placed in the subway.”

technological device is an object created for use through technology such as a computer, a GPS or a hard drive.

Artefactos is a work that collects anti-poetic objects written by the Chilean Nicanor Parra in 1972.