What is Car?

car is a vehicle that is capable of moving by itself. The word, in this sense, is formed from the union of the auto- and mobile roots.

In this sense, cars are equipped with engines that allow them to propel themselves. These engines can be operated by steam (formerly used), by internal combustion, or from electric power.

Generally, all vehicles self-propelled by an engine that are specifically intended for the transport of people or goods are given the name of automobiles, without the need for lanes to guide their course. As such, there are different types of cars, such as passenger cars, trucks, buses, vans, motorcycles, etc.

The first car with an internal combustion engine developed dates back to 1886, and was created by Karl Friedrich Benz in Germany. For his part, who first developed an assembly line for mass production of cars was Henry Ford, with his Model T, which also revolutionized people’s access to motor vehicles making them a mass product.

As such, generic car synonyms are vehicle or car. In Spain, on the other hand, they know it as a car, and in Latin America they designate it as a car.

Electric car

An electric car is called one that is moved by an electric propulsion system. In this sense, they work with the electric charge that they are able to store in their batteries. One of its advantages derives from the fact that they do not use gasoline for their operation, which implies a decrease in the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere by the vehicle. However, it is also important that the source from which the electrical energy that feeds it comes is, in the same way, clean.

Hybrid car

As a hybrid car, it is called the one that has both an internal and an electric combustion engine, which, in turn, allows the car to reduce the use of the internal combustion engine and, in this sense, be less polluting in terms of emission of polluting gases into the atmosphere. However, hybrid cars are still expensive.