What is Ceiling?

Ceiling is the name given to the smooth and flat surface that, in a construction, is located at a certain distance from the ceiling. The ceiling creates a space between its structure and the ceiling that is used for the passage of the facilities.

The ceiling, also called a false ceiling, can be made of PVC, steel, aluminum, wood, plaster, or other materials. The usual thing is that it is fixed to the ceiling using metal pieces. In this way the ceiling works as a cladding for the upper part of the room.

In addition to the aesthetic purpose, the ceiling has several functions. These elements help to minimize temperature changes and isolate noise, for example. Thus they make the environment more comfortable.

There are removable ceilings that are installed dry. They are lightweight structures composed of panels or plates that allow the ceiling to be lower and serve to hide from cables to beams.

When it comes to beautifying the home, one of the first points that we usually take into account is the color of the paint, both on the walls and the ceiling. Although the aesthetic issue is the one that generally receives more importance, the use of different colors can have a functional reason and the type of paint to be used on each surface is much more relevant.

In order to find the most suitable combination of colors and materials, it is first necessary to think about the use that we will give to the room in question. Regarding the chromatic aspect, a good choice of shades can enhance the lighting, as well as “tint” or attenuate the light if we do not want it to appear with great intensity; The ends are a room painted in bright white (which will bounce the light as effectively as possible and will be too bright on summer days) and another painted in matt black (although this is not very common, it is ideal to minimize the unwanted lighting and reflections).

With regard to the material, we must understand that paints specifically designed to walls tend to be more resistant to rubbing (both which occurs naturally with the furniture and even our clothes) while the ceiling is manufactured with a level of permeability greater for Cope with typical room vapors without causing excessive moisture build-up.

If we think of bathrooms and kitchens, we will quickly understand that these are environments in which there is a constant emanation of water vapor, grease, as well as a temperature generally higher than that of other rooms in the house; For this reason, if we paint the ceiling with a product designed for walls, it is possible that it will deteriorate in a short time.

Among the most suitable types of paint for a ceiling that will be subjected to these and other unfavorable conditions on a daily basis, water-based enamel is recommended; the leading brands make it with good resistance to humidity and with a texture that facilitates cleaning without sacrificing the elegance of the finish.

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