What is Cinema?

The term cinema has various meanings linked to cinematography: the recording and display of moving images on a screen. Cinema, therefore, can be the art and technique of cinematography.

He who is dedicated to making movies is a creator of movies or films. In general, films consist of telling stories, for which actors who play different characters and whose actions are recorded by cameras can be used. After an editing and editing process, the film is finished.

According to their characteristics, it is common to distinguish between commercial cinema (which aims to capture the attention of the mass public), auteur cinema (focused on the director’s decisions) and experimental cinema (with little or no narrative structure), among others.

In the same way, we cannot ignore other film modalities, among which we can highlight the following:
-Animation film, which, as its name suggests, is characterized by the fact that animation techniques are used in it.. That gives rise to what are movies that are commonly known as cartoons.
-Environmental film, which is characterized because it refers to what is the relationship of man with Nature.
-Documentary film, which is based on what are images taken from reality. Hence, on many occasions, it is confused with reports.

In addition to all the above, it is worth highlighting some data of interest or curiosities about the cinema such as the following:
-The famous Lumiére brothers were the ones who shaped the cinematograph, based on the previous inventions of Thomas Alva Edison and William Dickinson, that shaped the incandescent lamp and the kinetoscope respectively.
-The origin of cinema as a spectacle is considered to be at the end of the 19th century. Specifically, on December 28, 1895 in Paris. And it was that day when the aforementioned Lumiere brothers presented a series of documentary images such as the famous exit of the factory employees and that of a train.
-Another key figure in the history of cinema is Georges Mélies who used the cinematograph to create a real show to which he added special effects.
-It is considered that the most complicated scene to shoot in the entire history of cinema was that of the chariots that appears in the movie “Ben-Hur” (1959).

A set of films is also called cinema. In this way, if someone talks about Iranian cinema, for example, they will be referring to all films originating in Iran. The film of Steven Spielberg, meanwhile, is the set of films directed and / or produced this filmmaker.

According to DigoPaul, cinema, finally, is the name of the physical space equipped with a large screen where films are projected, which also has seats so that spectators can sit. Cinemas generally offer other services that complement the experience, such as the sale of sweets.