What is Closure?

Closure is the action and effect of closing or closing (securing something to prevent it from opening, making the inside of something cut off from the outside). For example: “The tight closing of the door is vital in the laboratory; otherwise, the conditions of the experiments may be altered ”, “ Who was in charge of closing the office? They left the window unlocked and a cat got in.

The term is used to name what is used to close. By extension, in several countries the zipper is said to be closed: “The bag’s lock broke and I lost the documents”, “I’m going to have to change the pocket lock, because it’s the second time I’ve dropped my keys from my house and I have to change the lock ”.

Closure is also the closure of shops and businesses, either ordered by an authority or decided by their own owners: “Justice ordered the closure of the restaurant for violations of hygiene standards”, “We are close to closing time; Let’s start scrubbing the floor ”, “ If the economic situation continues like this, we will have to decree the closure of the establishment before the end of the year ”.

Since the birth of the Internet, many large companies have been closed that, until the mid-1990’s, were considered untouchable. Given that the Internet offers a new range of opportunities for entrepreneurs from all over the world, requiring a negligible economic investment compared to the budget necessary to start a traditional business, the number of people who have bet on their dreams in the last two decades is considerable.

As in other cases, the closure of a company does not always mean the ruin of its members. Given the aforementioned phenomenon, many employees of major companies have chosen to resign from their old positions in pursuit of trying their luck with personal endeavors, helped by friends or former co-workers.

The conclusion of the daily programming on television or radio and the action of ending the admission of notes for the edition of a newspaper or magazine are also called closing: “Some Brazilian pastors dedicate themselves to preaching on TV before the closing of scheduling ”, “ I have to deliver my column before closing, and I haven’t started writing yet ”. In the last example, the term is used as a synonym for deadline or delivery date.

The work or act that completes something, on the other hand, is called closing: “The closing of the campaign will take place at the National Club stadium at 8 pm.

On an emotional level, the process necessary to end an interpersonal relationship, or to overcome a traumatic situation that has lasted a long time and from which it is difficult to get rid of, is known as closure. There are several reasons why we need to close stages. Sometimes these are issues that exceed the limits of our will, such as the death of loved ones; however, when we find ourselves in a harmful relationship, it is up to us to end it.

The closure is necessary in all cases to be able to move on with our life, without burdening with conflicts from the past. For some people it is very difficult to cope with the fact that they do not want to continue dealing with someone and, for that reason, they try to deny how beneficial it would be to separate. Similarly, a separation does not always lead to closure; It is common for two individuals to stop seeing each other but for at least one of them to fail to disconnect from the relationship, allowing their life to revolve around that of the other.