What is Conference?

From the Latin conferentĭa, according to abbreviationfinder.org, a conference is a public lecture on some specific topic. For example: “The writer Mario Vargas Llosa has given a conference in Montevideo on the history of Latin American literature”, “This afternoon I attended a very interesting conference on business in times of crisis.

When the speaker is a famous or recognized personality, it is spoken of a keynote address. This implies that the person has extensive knowledge and experience on the issues to be discussed.

In the same way, we cannot forget that on many occasions we talk about what is known as a press conference. A term that is synonymous with what is called a press conference, which is nothing more than the attendance of a group of journalists to a specific space where a personality plans to make a statement about a specific situation or issue.

Thus, for example, it is common for singers to hold press conferences when they are launching a new album on the market. In this way, they take advantage of the meeting with the media professionals to talk to them about the album and that they later carry out articles in the publications in which they work announcing and publicizing said release.

Politicians, actors, painters or writers are some of the other characters who with some frequency organize their corresponding press conferences.

On the other hand, it is known as a conference to the conversation between two or more people to deal, in general, some business : “The conference with the Arab investor has been a success”, “We must attend the conference with the regional manager to know the directives of the parent company ”.

In addition to all of the above, we cannot ignore the frequent talk of what is known as the Episcopal Conference. Specifically under this denomination is a permanent institution of the Catholic Church that is made up of the different bishops who belong to a specific territory.

It was in the mid-twentieth century when this type of religious institution was established and institutionalized, which currently has more than one hundred spread throughout the world. Among them we could highlight the Spanish Episcopal Conference, Argentina, Venezuela or Costa Rica, among others.

Conference is also the meeting held by representatives of different governments, States or other groups, with the intention of dealing with matters of their competence and mutual interest: “The Mercosur conference threw some surprising conclusions on the regional economy”, “The Spanish ministers they attended the European tourism conference to promote the development of the industry ”.

A teleconference is, moreover, a conference is held remotely, either through a system of video or audio. A video teleconference typically presents the speaker on one screen, while the attendees may be gathered in the same physical location or dispersed in different locations but with access to the same broadcast.

For audio teleconferencing, it is a telephone conversation with multiple simultaneous participants.

What is Conference