What is Container?

Container, which comes from the English container, is a container that is used to deposit waste or large packaging, of internationally standardized dimensions and types, that is used for the transfer of goods.

In the first case, the container is usually located on the public highway for citizens to deposit their household garbage. The collection trucks, on their usual route, empty the containers and take the waste to a treatment plant or garbage dump, as the case may be. For example: “Please leave this bag in the container that the truck will pass at any time”, “An old man mistakenly threw a million dollars into the container”, “They have not emptied the container on the corner for three days.

In recent years, it should be noted that there has been notable progress in improving street hygiene in different towns and cities around the world. And it is that they have proceeded to carry out the burial of the containers, that is, to place these containers under the ground.

With this, what is achieved is that all urban waste is hidden, which means less odors as well as avoiding that those are within the reach of vandalism and even animals such as dogs. All this without forgetting that it is also achieved that rats do not appear among them.

This system is based on a small external structure, with an opening, through which the citizen introduces the garbage and it falls into an underground container that, then, a suitable truck is in charge of emptying it completely.

In addition to all this, it should be noted that within what would be the collection of urban waste there are various types of containers based on the type of garbage they house. Thus, we find those who are responsible for collecting cardboard and paper, those who do the same with plastics, those who are placed to deposit glass, those destined to collect textiles and finally those who are only for organic waste.

As a cargo container, the container is used for sea, river, air, land or multimodal transport. The standardization of its dimensions facilitates handling and international trade operations: “Three containers have just arrived from China with electronic products”, “The seller confirmed that the container with the car will arrive in the country in the next few days.

As they are large packages, containers are used to transport very heavy or bulky objects, such as machines or vehicles. For smaller products there are other options.

Within the field of maritime transport, we find a wide variety of types of containers. However, among the most important are the metallic ones, the tankers, the refrigerated ones or those that are aimed at transporting liquid.

It is possible to find containers made of steel, aluminum and reinforced wood. In general, its interior has some type of coating to avoid humidity during travel. In their corners, the containers have appropriate spaces so that they can be hooked and lifted by special cranes.