What is Converter?

The apparatus or equipment that allows the transformation of cast iron into steel is known as a converter. It was invented and patented by the British-born engineer Henry Bessemer in the 1850s, around the same time that William Kelly was working on a procedure with similar characteristics.

The converter created by Bessemer made it possible to give impetus to the mass production of steel in molten ingots. Through oxidation, the impurities that the blowing of air causes in the piece of iron that has been subjected to a foundry are removed. It should be noted that the oxidation process also increases the temperature of the iron block, keeping it molten.

According to abbreviationfinder.org, the notion of a converter is also used in other ways in electronics and mechanics. A power converter, for example, consists of a device that allows switching from one energy variant to another (from voltage to current, from AC to DC, etc.).

The so-called analog-digital converter (ADC), on the other hand, is capable of transcribing analog signals into digital signals so that their processing is simpler and so that the signal achieved has more protection against interference and noise.

The digital-to-analog converter performs the reverse procedure and converts the digital signal to an analog signal. These converters are common in audio players so that digital sounds (such as MP3) can be heard through speakers.

In the same way, we cannot forget that currently in the field of computing we find another tool that is also known by the name of converter. Thus, this qualifies the program or application that gives a specific user the opportunity to make a file that is in a certain format become another.

A clear example of this is the set of online converters that we find on the Internet that offer us the option of converting a video file that is in .avi into another that has an.mp3 extension. An option that is frequently carried out not only to make said file “weight” less but also to be able to view it, since there are many players that do not have the capacity to play the.avi format.

In addition to all of the above, we also find another kind of converter that we can use in our daily lives. Specifically, it is the one that gives us the opportunity to calculate the exchange applications in regards to different official currencies. Thus, for example, if we are given an amount in dollars and we want to know how many euros it is equivalent to, we will only have to use that type of converter.

A system is very useful that we can also find that works with another series of measurements or values. In this way, we find converters that operate with units of volume, weight, time, distance or mass.

A torque converter, finally, is used in the automatic transmission of cars together with a gear kit. The torque converter has a pump that launches hydraulic oil and a turbine that receives said oil, generating the mechanical force.