What is Decision?

From the Latin decisĭo, the decision is a determination or resolution that is made about a certain thing. In general, the decision supposes a beginning or an end to a situation ; that is, it imposes a change of state.

For example: “They offered me a new position abroad, but my decision was to stay in the office since I am very comfortable”, “In a controversial decision, the Justice ordered the release of the alleged murderers”, “A soccer match requires the player to make quick and accurate decisions.

A decision is a resolution that is made about a certain fact, event or situation.

Result of a mental-cognitive process

Experts define the decision as the result of a mental-cognitive process of a person or a group of individuals. Decision-making is known as the process that consists of specifying the choice between different alternatives.

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Decision making takes place in all aspects of life and at all times. Since a person wakes up and chooses what to have for breakfast, going through clothing, means of transportation, lunch and many other things, the subject must decide countless times a day. Of course, some decisions are more important than others because of their repercussions.

In making a decision, one option is chosen and others are discarded.

The decision in companies

In a general sense, making a decision always requires knowing the problem and understanding it in order to be able to solve it or, at least, decide based on the information processed.

In the field of companies, decision making usually appeals to quantitative methodologies (with market research, statistics, etc.) to reduce the margin of error. Deciding to launch a product by intuition is not the same as doing it after carrying out a survey of 5,000 consumers.

The concept in different contexts

In addition to all of the above, it is necessary to underline the existence of what is known as the Rota Decision. This is a term that is used to refer to the set of sentences established by the Court of the Sacra Rota, of the city of Rome. This is the most important court of those that make up the Catholic Church and is responsible for addressing issues such as marriage annulments or annulments of priestly ordination.

Other fields that also resort to the use of the term decision are, for example, boxing or computer science. In the first case, this word is used to refer to the agreement or result that is adopted between the judges of the competition.

In the second area, on the other hand, when talking about decision, reference is made to the problem that requires the professionals in charge to opt for one of the two only alternatives that exist to solve it: yes or no.

Movie “Sophie’s Choice”

Likewise, it should not be overlooked that in the field of the seventh art there is a film that precisely makes use of the term that concerns us and that has become a world reference. We are referring to the film entitled: “Sophie’s decision”. In 1982 it was when the premiere of that one took place under the direction of Alan J. Pakula.

Meryl Streep or Kevin Kline are two of the actors who lead the cast of this drama that revolves around a love triangle marked by the harshness of Nazism.