What is Firefox?

The first version of the free web browser Firefox from the Mozilla project came onto the market in 2002. Since then it has had an eventful history: Sometimes it was the gold standard of browsers, sometimes it almost disappeared. Today Firefox is one of the most widely used web browsers alongside Chrome and Opera.

  • Firefox is a traditional browser.
  • Firefox is one of the most widely used browsers.
  • Firefox is one of the leading Internet browsers in terms of ease of use, security and speed.

Who is using Firefox?

Short for FX by abbreviationfinder, the Firefox web browser is available free of charge for many operating system platforms. It is traditionally the cult browser for all users who reject monopolies like Microsoft or Google. It should not be forgotten, however, that Firefox is or has been financially supported by Google both now and in previous periods.

What does Firefox mean?

Firefox is English and is called Red Fox in German. The fox is also the logo of the browser. Originally the software was supposed to be published under the name Phönix. However, this led to a name dispute with an American company. The name Firebird, which was then envisaged, had also already been assigned to a software product. That’s how the name Firefox came about.

Is that Firefox too?

Many of the individual versions of this program (there are now 60) have a code name in addition to the browser name. However, this does not necessarily change from version to version. The code name is often included to distinguish it. For example, if it is Quantum, the browser version is called Firefox Quantum.

What can the user do with this program?

Firefox was developed from the Mozilla suite. This comprised an Internet browser as well as an e-mail program and an HTML editor. Firefox, on the other hand, is a pure web browser. There is also an associated but separate e-mail program: Thunderbird. The HTML editor has also been outsourced. These measures increased the speed of the program and drastically reduced the storage space required. This means: Firefox is completely specialized in the function of a web browser.

What are the advantages of this internet browser?

Firefox had the following advantages right from the start:

  • speed
  • Easy handling
  • Security of use
  • Good equipment

The browser still offers these advantages, even if it is no longer the fastest browser on the market.

Disadvantages of the Firefox browser

The user is informed whether and – if so – which rights the installed add-ons request. However, he cannot restrict this.

The features of the browser

The user can determine the appearance of the browser himself within wide limits. The functionality of the program can be expanded with so-called “add-ons”. For example, it is possible to install an ad blocker or web developer tools. In addition to bookmarks, which are used to save the address of an interesting website, Firefox has dynamic bookmarks. RSS web feeds are implemented with them. These dynamic bookmarks update automatically each time the browser is started.

Browser security

Firefox compares visited Internet sites and downloaded applications with a saved list of suspicious sites and programs. In addition, such a list is used by Google. This comparison is intended to protect the user from phishing and malware . If the browser crashes, a report is created that contains information on the page visited and / or the program used. If the user allows this, this list will be sent to the developers to improve the software. While surfing, the user can see whether the accessed page is encrypted. He also sees whether access to geospatial data, the microphone or the webcam is requested.

Anonymity when using Firefox

When surfing the Internet , small text files, so-called cookies, are sent to the computer from many sites. This means that the user can be tracked across all the websites he has visited. The storage of these cookies can be switched off completely. But then some pages no longer work. Alternatively, they can be deleted later using the “Delete recent history” function. Another alternative is private mode. If it is used, no data generated while surfing is saved. In addition, the Disconnect.me list largely prevents tracking. However, this anti-tracking function is dependent on the goodwill of the tracking sites.

Firefox is available for these operating systems

The Firefox web browser is available for:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • MAC

There is also a portable version, e.g. B. for use with removable media.