What is Foundation?

Before entering to define the term of foundation, it is necessary to proceed to know its etymological origin. In this case, it must be stated that it is a word that comes from Latin. Exactly it derives from “caementum”, which is used to come to refer to the part of a building that is under the ground and that comes to serve as a base for it. Word that is made up of two clearly differentiated parts:
-The verb “caedere”, which is synonymous with “cut”.
-The suffix “-mento”, which is used to indicate “result” or “medium”.

Foundation is a term that refers to the sector of a construction that is below the surface and on which the building is developed. The ground that houses a building is also called a foundation.

For example: “The workers are working on the foundations of the work”, “The authorities will analyze the foundations of the old factory to determine if it is possible to carry out its restoration”, “When a building has faults in its foundations, it is very it will likely end up collapsing.

It called cement to the action to establish the foundations of a building. The foundation is usually developed by digging to then install the structural elements that support the vertical development. According to the characteristics of the terrain, the process is carried out in different ways and with different materials.

The foundations must be very resistant, they must be able to withstand various types of stresses and aggressions, and they must also be able to accommodate eventual ground displacements. It is possible to differentiate between superficial foundations, the semideep foundations and deep foundations.

In the same way, we cannot ignore other types of foundations, such as the following:
-Pillars. These are those that are identified because they have a measured depth and consist of using what are concrete columns. This foundation, also known by the name of well, is often used in what are constructions that are developed in soft ground.
-Shoe foundation, which is used when the building is going to be undertaken on very resistant soils capable of supporting heavy weights.
-Pile foundations. Under this name is a system that makes the building stand on small concrete piles that are made at a significant depth. It is also used on what are soft surfaces.
-Continuous slab foundation, which is necessary when the ground is unstable and when the construction is going to have a great weight.

It is important to bear in mind that the idea of ​​foundation is also used symbolically to refer to the root or support of something: “Education is the foundation of human dignity since it provides the necessary tools for subsistence and development”, “We must protect the family because it is the foundation of society”, “Effort and study are the foundation of my professional career”.