What is Human Resources Administration?

Human resources administration is the management of the human capital of a company or institution.

Human resources management seeks to organize and maximize the performance and productivity of employees. Some of the functions they perform are:

  • Internal relations: the creation of a good working environment,
  • Staff service: motivation through the proposal of incentives and training,
  • Administration of salaries: payment of remuneration,
  • Employment: decreased staff turnover and hiring, recruiting and firing employees.

The administration of human resources is important, since it helps increase the efficiency of human capital in order to meet the strategic objectives of the company or institution.

The good management of human resources aims to avoid unnecessary expenses, effort and time, as well as the coordination of individual efforts for maximum efficiency of the company.

Human resources management process

The process of good human resources management begins with the design and analysis of jobs according to the objectives of the company. Then, it is planned and adjusted according to the financial resources available to recruit and select the right personnel.

The payment of remuneration, training, incentives and salary increases will be part of the usual work of human resources managers.

The process must set performance evaluation points for employees in order to correct or implement changes that will improve and optimize the employee’s work.