What is Netizen?

Before proceeding to know the meaning of the term cybernaut, it is necessary to know its etymological origin. In this case, we can determine that it is a word of Greek origin, since it is the result of the sum of the following components:
-The verb “kybernaein”, which is synonymous with “piloting a ship”.
-The noun “naus”, which can be translated as “nave”.
-The suffix “-ta”, which is used to indicate the agent of an action.

There are different theories about the creation of this term, but it is believed to be in France.

A cybernaut is known as someone who travels through cyberspace. The term comes from the English word cybernaut.

It should be noted that cyberspace is an artificial environment created through computer tools. The cybernaut, therefore, is one who navigates in this virtual reality through the use of a computer (computer) or other electronic device, such as a tablet or a mobile phone (cell phone).

Although the notion is broader, cyberspace is often associated with the Internet. That is why the Internet user is often called a cybernaut. Netizens use software known as a browser to visit different websites and use online services.

Suppose a person turns on their computer, opens the Mozilla Firefox browser, and enters the address http://www.nba.com. This netizen, in this way, accesses the official site of the National Basketball Association, the most famous basketball league in the world. You can then continue your navigation by touring the sites of the NFL (the football league) and the NHL (the ice hockey competition). Finally, the netizen closes the browser and ends his virtual journey.

To the people who are active in social networks, leave comments on different websites or participate in online forums they are also called netizens: “The artist replied to a netizen who accused her of not singing live”, “Netizens expressed his dissatisfaction with the government’s decision “, ” The footballer usually exchanges messages with netizens who contact him through his profile on the social network.

In order to be a good netizen, it is considered that you have to carry out these actions:
-You have to write in a formal way, as if it were written on paper.
-When a personalized email message is received, it must be answered.
-You can disagree with another netizen, but you should never enter into disqualifications, insults or other verbal violence.
-You should never write an email or a message on social networks using only capital letters.

It is no less interesting to know that the 23rd of August is when the Cybernaut Day is celebrated all over the world. Specifically, it has been commemorating for years and if that date was chosen it was to “remember” the anniversary of the WWW (World Wide Web). And it is that it was on August 23, 1990 when it was shaped in a laboratory in Switzerland.