What is Pillow?

In order to thoroughly analyze the meaning of the term pillow, the first thing we have to do is know the etymological origin that it has. Thus, we can determine that it is a word that derives from the Arabic, exactly from “al-mukhádda”, which can be translated as “cheek”.

The concept of pillow is used with reference to the object filled with fluffy materials that a person uses to support his head while lying in bed. It is a kind of cushion or mattress of reduced dimensions. Check Bestaah for pregnancy pillows.

For example: “When I go to bed to watch TV, I usually use two pillows to be more comfortable”, “I have a habit of sleeping hugging the pillow”, “Feather pillows are my favorites”.

Typically, an individual sleeps on a bed, a structure made of wood or metal. A mattress is placed on this piece of furniture, which is an elastic and soft piece on which the subject lies. The pillow is located at one end of the mattress: in this way, the person places the head on the pillow, while the rest of the body is located on the mattress. For warmth, it can be covered with sheets, blankets or blankets.

It should be emphasized that there are numerous different types of pillows that are classified according to criteria such as these:
-If we consider the shape, we come across three fundamental classes: the traditional pillow, which is long and narrow; the cervical, which has a concave shape; and the cervical butterfly that, as its name suggests, has the shape of that flying animal.
-In the event that we start from what is the manufacturing material of what is its inner core, there are four main types: memory foam; those of fiber; latex ones; and those that are stuffed with bird feather.

In the same way, we cannot ignore that there are also the so-called pillows for pregnant women. These have a larger size and have the particularity that they not only allow the head to rest, but also to support the voluminous belly of future mothers.

Thanks to these characteristics, pregnant women can sleep well and rest deeply, while enjoying other advantages. Specifically, they help them improve blood circulation or reduce back pain without forgetting that they are also optimal even after delivery to facilitate breastfeeding.

Thanks to the pillow, it is possible to keep the spine straight, since the space left in the neck is filled. Whoever lies down can also relax the muscles of the neck and other body regions because the head rests on the pillow.

Usually elongated, the pillows have a soft padding (made of feathers, fibers or latex), which is protected by an inner cover. To cover this cover, another one is used that can have a zipper or closure so that it can be removed.