What is Preposterous?

The concept of preposterous, which derives from the verb preposterous, alludes to what is unusual, crazy or absurd. The term can refer to an expression, a situation, an action or a project, to name a few possibilities.

Based on the above, we can establish that among the synonyms of crazy are words such as foolish, illogical, disproportionate, irrational or unwise, among others. On the other hand, as far as antonyms are concerned, we can highlight reasonable or sensible as well as logical, rational or successful.

For example: “The deputy’s crazy sayings generated a lot of controversy in the room”, “It is crazy to assume that we can solve all our problems in this way”, “The American team won the match with a crazy shot from their captain in the last second game”.

Something crazy is hard to believe as it seems irrational or illogical. In 1996, Argentine President Carlos Saúl Menem stated in a speech that, in “a short time”, there would be a “spaceflight system” with ships that would reach the stratosphere and allow them to fly from Argentina to Japan in just one hour and a half.. At that time, many people described the politician’s words as preposterous due to the impracticality of his announcement of him. In fact, more than two decades after these declarations, there is no such system and traveling from Argentine territory to Japan takes more than twenty hours.

The unreasonable, however, can be realized. Suppose a basketball player takes a shot with his back to the basket and from his own court. Due to the low probability of success, the attempt can be defined as preposterous. However, he gets the touchdown. It’s possible that if he tries the same shot another hundred times, he won’t make any shots, so it’s a crazy play beyond an eventual hit.

In addition to what we have revealed, we must not forget that Descabelladas is a project that has been carried out in Spain since 2010 and that it is a perfect mix between health and theater. Specifically, what it does is launch de-dramatization workshops that are aimed at women suffering from cancer or other chronic illnesses.

In the field of literature, it should be noted that, on numerous occasions, the term in question has been used to give title to different works. A good example of this is the children’s and youth story “The Magic Florist. A completely insane plan.” It is a book written by Gina Mayer that tells how the young Violet decides to help her friend Zack succeed in a sports competition and for that she decides to perform a flower spell.

Likewise, there are other works that use that word in their title, such as “The 1001 nights without sex: the most insane plan to find the ideal partner”, written by Suzanne Schlosbergb, or “The hat of insane ideas”, which is the work of the author José Antonio Francés González.