What is Rental?

The concept of rental derives from the Hispanic Arabic alkirá or alkirĂ­, which in turn comes from classical Arabic kira ‘. The term is used to name the action and effect of renting, and the price at which something is rented.

The verb of rent, on the other hand, consists of paying an agreed sum between the parties to make use of a property or piece of furniture for a certain period of time, although unfortunately it is also possible that it is granted to an animal for rent, as if from a thing was involved. This practice is usually governed by a lease agreement, which imposes rights and obligations on both parties.

In its most basic sense, the contract hire or lease requires the landlord (or landlord) to transfer temporarily the use of a movable or immovable property to the lessee (or tenant) who undertakes to pay a certain price for that use.

This price can be paid periodically (for example, monthly), with what constitutes an income. Another alternative is that the price is paid in one go, either at the beginning or at the end of the rental.

It is also possible that the price is not paid in money but in species. This modality is common when what is rented is a field or a farm, and the lessee pays with the crops or products obtained from the exploitation of the leased thing.

The lessor is in a position to demand the termination of the contract in the event of non-payment of rent, the use of the thing leased in contravention of the agreement or serious damage that the lessee may cause to the leased.

In some countries it is very common to apply for loans to the bank to embark on the purchase of a house, and this custom has decreased significantly in recent years given the different economic problems associated with the already known world crisis. Many people planned their lives around this practice, through which they could get a house and one or more cars as soon as they became independent from their parents, with the comfort of paying for their possessions over several decades. All the happiness and ease that this lifestyle may have meant at some point has turned into torture that has led some to suicide due to the impossibility of paying off their debts.

Opposite to the situation of this sector of the population is that of those who depend on a rent to have a house or part of it, in the case of someone who rents a room. These people have long been frowned upon, pointing out that they don’t care about building a future, and comparing paying a rent to wasting money. However, to this day, those who settle for a roof, even if it is not their own, and try to enjoy their lives are more cautious than those who, in the effort to settle permanently in a place, risk their physical and mental health to submit to payment. of a mortgage.

In addition to houses and cars, other products that are commonly found for rent are movies and video games. In both cases, its popularity decreased considerably since piracy became widespread and became accessible to everyone, either through illegal Internet downloads or sales on public roads. Apart from the percentage of losses generated by thefts to the film and leisure industries, legal income does not represent an important source of profit, but rather promotion.