What is Self-determination?

Self-determination refers to the ability of an individual, people or nation to decide for themselves on the issues that concern them.

The word self-determination is formed from self -, which means ‘own’, and determination , which refers to the action and effect of deciding.

The concept of self-determination is used in politics to refer to the ability of citizens of a territory legally constituted as a State to make decisions regarding their political future.

Village Self Determination

The self-determination of the peoples, also known as the right of self-determination of the peoples, is the power that each people has to decide, choose and determine legal order, political organization and form of government, as well as to pursue their development both economically as technological and social.

The right of self-determination of the peoples is constantly referred to above all in international politics when some threat to national sovereignty appears on the part of the economic and military powers of the world.

It should, however, be clear that the self-determination of the peoples has nothing to do with the separation of a territory to form a new State, which is known as independence, since self-determination is a right that historically constituted peoples are repealed.

Personal self-determination

In the area of ​​psychology, personal self-determination refers to the ability of a person to decide for himself what concerns him.

According to personal self-determination, everyone has the power to make decisions and determine the purpose of their life according to their will.

Self-determination in an individual implies not only a sense of self-freedom, but of responsibility for the decisions you make and that help you grow as a person.