What is Self-evaluation?

Self-evaluation is a method that consists of the process by which a person evaluates himself, that is, identifies and weighs his performance in the fulfillment of a certain task or activity, or in the way of handling a situation.

To be carried out, self-evaluation requires an introspection process in which a subject identifies areas of strength and areas of improvement. Areas of strength are understood as those aspects of the person in which he stands out for his excellence. Meanwhile, areas of improvement refers to those weaknesses in which the subject must work to improve. A fair and correct self-evaluation should weigh both sides of the balance.

This technique is usually used especially for educational and personal guidance purposes. However, it is increasingly used in work environments in order to improve the performance of staff and the company itself in a healthy way.

Self-evaluation in education

Self-evaluation is a revolutionary paradigm in education. In traditional education, the evaluation of the student is usually carried out by a third person (the teacher), who determines the degree of student learning through knowledge tests, whether written, oral or practical. This makes the student a passive subject of their own learning.

Although classical evaluation is an important component of education, it does not always allow the person to understand what fails in their educational process or what is worth strengthening, that is, it does not allow them to become aware of what should be worked on. Thus, the self-evaluation seeks to engage students until they become active subjects of their own learning. Equivalently, this is transferred to the work environment.

Self-evaluation in the world of work

The self-evaluation processes help institutions and companies to rectify the orientation of their workers and employees, as well as their policies and practices, in order to achieve the objectives and goals proposed, which allows to improve the performance of the team and design the strategies necessary for the correction of deficiencies or difficulties. By also emphasizing the positive elements, it is understood that the method of self-evaluation always allows to stimulate the self-esteem of the team.