What is Speech?

In order to unravel the meaning of the term speech, one must begin by knowing what its etymological origin is. Specifically, it must be stated that it is a cultism that derives from the Latin “allocutio”, which can be translated as “speech”. A word is this, which, in turn, comes from the verb “alloqui”, which means “to direct the word to someone”.

Speech refers to the message or the dissertation that, generally, someone located in a superior position directs those who are in the lower strata (who may be followers, subordinates, dependents or subjects). Typically, the address is short.

For example: “The pope’s speech when he got off the plane was followed by hundreds of people who came to the airport to receive him”, “In his speech, the candidate for president dedicated harsh words to the current rulers”, “The police chief pointed out in his speech that there are five detainees in the framework of the cause. ”

In the same way, it must be stated that, starting from the meaning that we have given, we find the fact that the address is also how you can call the messages or statements that the singers make at their concerts addressing the audience. Thus, as a general rule, they usually take advantage of these words to thank them for their constant assistance and support and even to explain what the different compositions they are going to interpret mean.

Originally, the idea of a speech was used with reference to the words that an emperor or a general of the Roman Empire dedicated to the troops. These were harangues that appealed to the motivation of the combatants, who used to respond with expressions of approval.

Today the notion of speech is often used with reference to the speeches made by political, social or religious leaders. His words are followed with interest by many people, who take these personalities as references or guides.

In this way, a political party leader can deliver an address to the militants of said space, disseminating the bases of a project or giving indications for the development of an electoral campaign. In a similar sense, an imam can guide Muslims on how to act according to the values ​​and principles that their religion promotes.

Precisely there is a famous painting entitled “Allocution of the Marquis del Vasto to his soldiers”. It dates from the year 1540 and was made by Titian. It represents the first Marquis of Vasto and illustrates an event that took place in the year 1537 when that character proceeded to quell a mutiny of the Spanish troops that were at that time in Lombardy.

In addition to all the indicated we have to expose that speech can be raised as a synonym for harangue. This, in particular, is a solemn speech that is carried out by a political or military leader with the clear objective of raising the spirits of those who listen carefully and follow in his footsteps.