What is Tar?

The concept of tar, derived from Hispanic Arabic, refers to a liquid substance obtained from the distillation process of oil, coal, and other mineral and vegetable products. It is a material that is used in various ways in industry.

With a dark hue and intense aroma, the tar is characterized by its viscosity. It is important to mention that it is a mixture of various organic compounds, the proportions and properties of which can vary. So there is no single type of tar.

The coal tar is one of the tars more employees. It is made up of phenols, nitrogenous bases and aromatic hydrocarbons such as naphthalene, xylene and toluene. Coal tar is used as a coating since it has a high resistance to various corrosive agents. It is also used for the production of shampoo and soap and as fuel.

Called tar snuff the other hand, the substance which is generated when the snuff is combusted. This means that when a person smokes, they ingest tar and other substances. It should be noted that tobacco tar is toxic: that is why it causes damage to the mouth and lungs, removes sensitivity to the taste buds and can favor the development of cancer.

Other kinds of tar are used to seal roads, waterproof boats, treat health conditions such as psoriasis, and flavor and flavor food or drinks, to name a few of the possibilities this product offers.

Specifically, we come across the fact that in certain European countries, as would be the case, for example, in Finland, it is decided to make use of the so-called wood tar within what is the field of health. And then the tar water is used inside the kitchen to undertake tasks such as these:
-To serve as a spice for the meat.
-To be able to give a certain sweet flavor to certain liqueurs.
-Also to give a sweet touch to certain desserts.

That without forgetting that the aforementioned tar water can also be used in the composition and formula of what anti-dandruff shampoos are and even to create certain cosmetics.

We cannot ignore that even in the construction field, tar can even be used to waterproof basements. In this case, we must emphasize that their use is based on the following keys:
-To undertake this task, what is resorted to is the use of what is known as asphalt-based tar.
-If many people resort to this alternative to protect that area of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir homes, it is because the said material brings with it a series of notable advantages. Among these we can highlight not only that it is a really economical product but also that it can be applied in a really simple way.
-On the contrary, those who do not want to use this tar to waterproof basements are clear about their arguments to position themselves like this: this material quickly becomes brittle and, therefore, soon ceases to be effective.