What is the Difference of Jewels and Semijoias?

Accessories are indispensable items at the time of composing complex, simple, romantic looks, stripped or classics. Earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces bring life, glitter and sophistication. Besides, most women is simply in love with accessories.

According to hartselleclothing, but let’s confess, they make all the difference. Even you using a basic shirt and a pair of jeans, by placing a Cross Necklace, studded with zircônias, ready …. you’ve had that effect on your production and still gave a modern touch!

However, we know that we must be very careful when buying these items. After all, no one wants to find in the middle of the day who had an allergy and it’s all red, doesn’t it? To avoid this, the ideal is to use jewels or semijoias. But you know what the difference between each? No! Then we will show you now what differs a gem of a semijoia.

Durability and resistance

The main difference between jewelry and semijoias are in your composition. The jewels are made up, in your entirety, with noble and precious material. A ring, for example is made in 18 k gold that gives you durability – a piece of jewelry is carried for generations-and resistance. The more layers of precious metal it has, the higher your strength and durability, as well as the higher the price.

Besides the gold, some pieces in platinum are also considered jewels and allied to them are always precious stones like Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, among others.

The semijoias are parts that receive some layers of noble metal and bath with natural or synthetic stones in their adornments. The more layers the bathroom semijoias have, your quality and durability are also bigger.

But as the semijoias has a base that is not of noble material, they last less than a jewel and need some care to have greater life. In addition, the stones and synthetic crystals, make these items as beautiful as a piece of jewelry.

To help you better understand the process of making a semijoias, we developed a material well Rico counting all the details, visit!

Below we illustrate the basic difference between the jewelry, semijoias and the jewelry.

* flash – a layer of bath/leafing


It is impossible not to mention value when we show the differences between jewelry and semijoias. By being 100% materials and with precious stones, jewelry prices are higher as compared to the semijoias. In addition, other factors can add more value jewelry, since the amount of materials used, the type of stone or diamond cutting, finishing, as well as the signature of the designer who designed it. The semijoias have diverse values, but the same factors that the jewels, value also the semijoias.

Semijoias for all tastes

Here at PIP’s Store, we have the utmost care and affection in all stages of the process of semijoias from the preparation and issue of collections, until the arrival of the desired piece for you in your home. We manufacture flat pieces, with stone-zircônias and/or crystals and also you’ll find accessories clad in 18 k gold, 18 k red gold case, rhodium and black rhodium, but also parts factories in 925 Silver. All of our pieces have 100% guarantee, developed with anti-allergic technology and we have a team ready to answer and clarify any doubts.

Semijoias with zircônias

Plated parts with layers of gold and anti-allergic, without use of nickel. Pocked with zircônias manually one by one and have a special glow.

Smooth semijoias

Plated parts with layers of gold and anti-allergic, without use of nickel.

We value the quality of our pieces finish and that’s why they are many semelhares the jewels that you find in jewelry stores. In addition to delivering your order, a charming way.

Now that you know the difference between jewelry and semijoias, enjoy the quality, beauty and variety of the semijoias Pip’s Store and buy pieces that will help you compose looks ever more impactful.