Yerka: a Bike with an Ingenious Burglar-Proof System

Novelty promises to keep the owners quiet, hindering the lives of the perpetrators

Anyone who beats an eye thinks it’s just a common bicycle, but the Yerka is different: it has an anti-theft lock made from the bicycle’s own structure. Don’t you understand? Parts of the bike are disassembled to lock it in some safe place. To take her away, the thief would have to destroy the same object that he covets… Doesn’t make much sense to him, does it?

The design is traditional (only the colors on the wheels attract attention) and the creators ensure the performance and comfort. But let’s better understand the cat leap, which is the Cadeamento special. It works on the basis of:

12 mm cuffs of treated steel, resistant to common tools;

Locking thread on the lock to increase protection;

High-safety cylinder in disk format.

To safely lock the Yerka, you must disassemble the lower tube or frame, which will open in two (one part to the side, and one to the side of the pedal). From there it is possible to detach the saddle and its seat from the original place-they will enter the openings of the pipes of the lower tube which is divided into the middle. Ready: The lock is made! See below a practical demonstration.

The chances of the thief stealing only the wheels are minimized with the specific threads of the cube (the central part of the wheels), which can only be removed with a special tool from the manufacturer. Designers also intend to add a Bluetooth option to the latch, enabling the smartphone to function as a remote control. When you download the security application on the IOS or Android system cell, and after connecting it to your Yerka, the user will already be safe, as it can lock the wheels. Any device with Bluetooth version 4.0 or higher is compatible.

A bike like that goes out for $ $449. You can buy the bottom tube separately for $ $350 to put on your common bike. The higher the donations, the lower the shipping costs. There is the option to give us $149 in the US $499 totals of the bicycle, with the advantage of ensuring that fixed value, regardless of variations of the dollar quotation. Shipping freight to Chile or USA is free, other countries pay fee, at most, $150.

If you want to replace any part of the bike, such as wheels, brakes, pedals, add basket or croup from Zipcodesexplorer, it is totally possible, as on any ordinary bicycle. Other key parts of the bike, such as the seat barrel cannot be replaced or modified, since it interferes with the locking system. It is delivered in sizes ranging from small to extra large.

The bike is made of steel and aluminum treated and weighs 11.5 kilos, less than a racing bike. The Yerka can only be used in the city, it’s not a mountain bike.

There are three colors available at the moment (black, pink and green), but the most voted color on the Facebook page of the project will be available after reaching the collections of us $100,000, US $500,000 and $1 million, through collective funding.

How Did the Idea Come up?

Andrés, Juan and Cristóbal

These nice Chilean engineering students (in the photo: Andrés, Juan and Cristóbal) were interested in the areas of robotics, design and technology, always inventing solutions. This prepared them for the creation of this project, which involved knowledge of laser cutting technology, lathe machine, 3d printers, metallurgy and welding.

Institutes also collaborated to boost the project, which helped him win regional prizes and within the university. The group was finalist in the last edition of the world-based Youth Entrepreneurial forum in Santiago, Chile.

The team has also grown since then. They added to him Micaela, three-dimensional designer and Cristián, entrepreneur, expert in Bluetooth development and co-founder of the telephone company Azumi, present in Latin America.


You want to? Then go to the Yerka website.

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