Adhesive of iPad Bags and iPhone Cases With Fresh Design

With an extraordinary idea and a look that can let themselves see the tenth door of the advent calendar is innovative and new ways. It presents itself with an iconic iPad case in the extraordinary look. A true lifestyle bag for the iPad has managed the young fashion label adhesive . It presents itself in the chic vintage style and offers a tailor-made protection dimensions and materials. The bag is designed in the indoor area with a fine wool felt.

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Animal Print Wallets

The wallets are indispensable for storing documents, cards and money. Usually women wear them in combination with the bag or with shoes and accessories.

But it is not always possible to have numerous wallets to match all looks, so always opt for more neutral colors, even if it is animal print. Colors like brown, gray and black are ideal and combine with all looks, especially the prints of jaguar, zebra, tiger, snake, among others. These colors are ideal for handbags, but if you use them inside your purse you can abuse them in color. Continue reading Animal Print Wallets

About CCTV Cameras

What about the software that accompanies the camera

On the installation CD, Axis provides a camera management software (only for Windows environments). In the manner of the good-natured of the other models in this roundup, Axis Camera Station One can manage his camera from his computer to enjoy a programmed recording function, or automatically (based on motion detection). However, unlike some competing tools, the free version (called “One”) is limited to a single camera.To move up a gear, it will be imperative purchase particularly costly license. Continue reading About CCTV Cameras

Toshiba Portégé Z830-10 K

The intel processor core i5-2467M with two cores and a clock speed of 1.6 ghz makes together with the 120-gigabyte SSD for a high pace of work. The processing of music, pictures and videos does the toshiba portégé Z830-10 K with four gigabytes of memory somewhat sluggish. How good the integrated intel graphics chip for all current ultrabooks (HD graphics 3000) only for graphically simple games such as FIFA 12 and the sims 3.

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Pink and Red Makeup

Pink and Red makeup: Discover the idea make up for winter 2015-2016! One of the most beautiful ideas in terms of make up for this winter season is to combine red with pink, two colors that create an unusual color mix, but very sophisticated and chic. The trick that involves this pair of colors, indeed, embodies sweetness and grit and is also perfect as a make up for Christmas! We see then how to match these two colors together.

The makeup in pink and Red is one of the ideas make up for this winter season. Even some stylists and make-up artist celebrities have proposed this unusual makeup in 2015-2016 last fall winter fashion shows: Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana and Yves Saint Laurent are just some of the most famous fashion houses that have created tricks with these two colors, presenting also the collections beauty with make up products in red & pink. Continue reading Pink and Red Makeup

Customized White T Shirt

I didn’t have time to run behind an outfit for the new year? Customize a white t-shirt and has a unique look to begin 2016

Dress, blouses, skirts… you just couldn’t decide. Now, the new year’s Eve has arrived and you don’t know what to wear! An alternative is to plan B and create yourself a look to start the year off on the right foot. And make sure that’s not what’s going to mess up your new year’s Eve. We will help you!

What you need:
-A basic white t-shirt
-Line, needle and scissors
-Pieces of lace
-Pearls and precious stones
-A lot of creativity Continue reading Customized White T Shirt

Professional Vintage Clothing

Within the 40 years of the Paris Fashion Week, Elodie Froc-Lusson, clothing specialist and accessories 60s, brought together for the third time professional vintage fashion (here it is mainly models from the 1920s to 1990) in a lounge of the Hotel du Louvre in the heart of Paris.

We can actually talk to historians of fashion for these professional: they talk about their pieces (one could almost be called “collection”) with passion and are inexhaustible!

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Auto-Pilot: How To Use Your Phone In The Car

Bracket instead keep
It happens often at the most inopportune moment, as in the fast lane: The cell phone rings. It takes the driver in hand, he endangered himself and others; 40 euro penalty and a point may be added. A passive holder without charging enough to pass just in front of the police. An active holder is recommended to navigate. Mount the grille, on the centre console or on the windshield.

Navigation via mobile phone

Smartphone navigation works so well that many on a traditional navi dispense. The phone should have a large display (from 11 cm

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Sun Stripping Makeup

We discover the trendiest trend, stripping the sun makeup for spring 2016 to sculpt the face like the natural sun tanning. Just a foundation and bronzer to create a beautiful tanned effect makeup: try it!

The new technique of makeup for spring 2016 is definitely original and can be considered the evolution of strobing and of contouring, so popular last season. We are talking about the sun stripping, makeup for your face can carve it like the Sun. Continue reading Sun Stripping Makeup

Hair Makeup for Halloween

This weekend, one of my favorite parties, Halloween, is celebrated. Okay, I know that in Brazil the tradition is not so strong, but since I live in a city in the interior, I grew up decorating the street and asking for candy or mischief through the neighborhood with my neighbors, so I still have a special affection for that date. Continue reading Hair Makeup for Halloween

Swimsuit Summer 2012

Like every year you’re eager to find the beautiful days to choose your next swimsuit that will make havoc during your holiday. This year, what will be your swimsuit summer 2012 ? Shorty, mini, bikini, 1-piece, is not the choice that is missing so don’t miss the best of the web, BrandAlley offers the latest collection of the famous brand Banana Moon in its specialized section. Continue reading Swimsuit Summer 2012

Apple reveals iPhone 6 and 6 Plus iPhone

Apple repeats last year’s strategy: instead of one, the Apple brand has two new iPhone to market. The generously-sized screens turn out to be the distinguishing feature of the iPhone and the iPhone 6 Plus 6.

The larger version has a 5.5 inch screen with a Full HD resolution, while the “smaller” version has a 4.7-inch screen in a resolution of 1,333 x 750 pixels. Despite the superior size, both models can have less thickness as the iPhone 5 in 2013.

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Equinux Tizi +: Mini VTR For Iphone And Ipad

Scope of delivery, installation

The tizi + comes in a handy box to you. The content is clear: In addition to the tuner found a USB charging cable, as well as a narrow installation guide in the box. In addition, you need have the (free) tizi app, control the DVB-T receiver. You can find them in the app store by apple.

Download: Tizi app from the app store download

To take the tuner operation, you should recharge first him. Then press the play button. All three indicator light receiver is ready for operation. Fully extend the telescopic antenna and select the tizi +

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