Pregnancy, How to Pamper Your Child Since Baby Bump

Pregnancy, how to pamper your child since baby bump, since is just a fetus in the womb can perceive sounds, smells and even moods. Never forget that the baby always needs to hear all the affection of his mother!

A recent survey of Durham University has established that already in the womb the child tries cuddling and physical contact and it is important, during pregnancy, make him feel loved. That’s why it only takes small gestures to make him happy, as a stroll outdoors, surrounded by nature. In this way, Mum and children breathe clean air and, one step after another, the small will be swung in baby bump.  Continue reading Pregnancy, How to Pamper Your Child Since Baby Bump

30% of Internet Traffic is Generated by Porn Content

You can not deny that the sites with pornographic content are successful and generate enough money. DoubleClick Ad Planner data collected recently reveal that Xvideos is the largest, with 4.4 billion pages served per month – very close to the number of Amazon, which currently has 5.9 billion page views. With the data, it can be said that adult sites account for almost one third of all internet traffic.

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Saffi Karina Plus Size

In a world full of “skeletons” the London model Saffi Karina teaches how to reconcile the modeling profession with respect for their own bodies.
Every so often, a positive message pierces this layer that surrounds this company, let’s call it false respectability and hypocrisy, because everyone is able to say “eat, not to spoil you, you’re so beautiful ” but just considered a “chubby” exhibits some roll wearing leggings , part of the controversy “Oh but it is FAT !!”.

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Cromaz, the Social Network That Helps you Find Cool Neighbors

We live in a time when the phrase “another day, another social network is created ‘became something incredibly true. You can barely wake up and go out to buy bread on the corner without a social network from the ground sprout in the middle of nowhere, and your friends start to send invitations to you to sign.

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Symptoms of Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa

In preparing this article on anorexia arrived that we decided to publish, because unlike many others. True stories, lived by people close to the teller. Thanks to Julia Perinelli and his research.

My name is Julia Perinelli, I have twenty years and this will not be the usual article on anorexia.
I recently found out that some young people close to me are suffering of eating disorders and I decided to go into that, especially trying to understand what compels one to be so bad. Continue reading Symptoms of Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa

Replace Your Nephew by This Site When Choosing a Computer

Anyone who understands a bit of information already had to advise a family member or friend to buy a new computer. No matter the age, some aunt, uncle, mother, father or even third cousins ​​whose existence was unknown until then will ask for help before purchasing a PC. But a new website created by WalMart, in partnership with Intel, can help you get that weight back thousands of nephews, sons and godchildren around Brazil. Continue reading Replace Your Nephew by This Site When Choosing a Computer

YouTube Tests New Redesign in Gray Tone

Those who did not get a little time to procrastinate at work on Thursday probably did not realize the ultimate of YouTube: a new site redesign. He began to be tested last week was released this week for a larger group of users. As the last layout experiment took place in July, you can highlight the fact that YouTube plans to launch new layouts as fast as Mozilla and Google launch new Firefoxes and Chromes. Continue reading YouTube Tests New Redesign in Gray Tone

Gmail Offline: to Access the Email When No Connection

You’ll never be able to claim that it has no way to access your email when you’re not connected to the internet. Google today introduced the new iteration of Gmail Offline, now reappears as a free app for Chrome that once installed, synchronize messages and allows you to write and save e-mails that will be sent only when the connection back. It’s about time!


The Offline Gmail works very similarly to Gmail interface for tablets. The webmail development team took advantage of the huge knowledge acquired to build software using HTML5 on the iPad and tablets running Android to create this application. It was really good.

According to the web giant, the great advantage of using web app is that you can access your information at any time. Relying on HTML5, the application has access to a larger space to store their content. And so it’s easy to keep track of conversations for that moment when the flight attendant sends off electronic equipment – when you can turn on the notebook again, 3G or sign Wi-Fi probably already lost, but your posts are still there thanks to cache  provided by Google Offline.

Once that was done on Gmail for tablets, Gmail Offline diverges quite the new interface the the Google recently released for your mail service. The sources used are larger, and basically what we have are two columns. A present for the talks, and another to display the messages themselves. I think you do not need anything more than that in an environment that has no connection to the internet (Gmail chat, for example, it is unnecessary in this scenario, the same goes for the top bar, full of Google inaccessible resources ).

“Today’s world does not slow down and it is always good feeling to be productive from anywhere, from any device, at any time,” Google says. The company also says the Offline Gmail is a way to push the limits and boundaries of modern browsers. True.

I’m using Gmail Offline even having a 10 Mega connection. Above all, what I like in the application is simplicity when presenting the e-mail service features. The focus is exclusively on messages without excessive resources. When I need something more complex, just open another tab in Chrome and access the normal Gmail page.

Gmail Offline is on stage Beta. Works with both Gmail itself as the webmail based on Google Apps, Google offers a range of flavors and prices. The first time you open the web app will need to give permission for Gmail Offline save information on your computer (recommended only if the PC is uniquely yours).

Download: Gmail Offline (for Chrome)

One thing that does not work in web app: the drag and drop to add images in the email body. Do not even try. A feather.

Google promises applications to use Docs and Calendar very soon.

It is worth remembering that Google’s email has had an offline mode that depended on the Gears technology. This technology was discontinued because it was proprietary to Google, and the company chose to develop something with open standards.

A Sound Mind in a Sound Body

Mens sana in corpore sano: to pick up a new trend, the JUSTCFTEUR. Perfetto for everyone.

Summer is coming and the desire that more than any other we try to achieve is to have a healthy body, beautiful and sculpted and that makes us overcome with flying colors the test suit. But not only that, we want something that says: I’m fine “physically and mentally.”
Bids for losers fit are many, from the ever-green jogging , now with good weather, allowing us to stay in contact with nature, the pool, through the dear old gym that allows us to do many activities’, from fitness, to zumba, the activity that has depopulated in no time coming to have many fans. Lately a new sport, or rather a new way of life, is emerging in the sports landscape is JUSTCFTEUR, a core strength and conditioning program that is based on three training models: weightlifting, gymnastics and metabolic conditioning Free Body and cardiovascular. Continue reading A Sound Mind in a Sound Body

Elephone Q Review

After the test of the world’s smallest mobile phone, we can pass the test of the most compact Android smartphone out there. Elephone Q is a 2.45 inches on CPU MediaTek and Google Android, with 2 cameras, 3 g support, GPS, microSD reader and headphone jack. It costs less than $ 100 on Amazon Italy (discount code at end of article) . Now, before you ask, what can serve a touchscreen smartphone of this cut, let me tell you something about its functionality.

First Ele Q is fun and has a good audio. The rear mono speaker pulls out a volume adequate and probably uses his bass like sounding board for convex aspect. Hands-free calling or playing Youtube video, the audio is a bomb. Quite the opposite of the camera, from the front to the rear just enough bad-while multitouch capacitive touchscreen responsiveness and the brightness of the display does not give problems. Missing sensor for automatic adjustment, Yes, but outside you always manage to see the Panel. Here are the full specifications. Continue reading Elephone Q Review

Stained Glass Window for House

Stained glass is a very old phenomenon. It happened a lot during the Middle Ages, as the glazier when no window could make clear glass in large format. The structure was too weak for that. The stained glass windows were mainly in churches and large mansions and was a sign of how someone was wealthy. Nowadays people buy mostly glass paintings because they like it. It is also possible to create your own window. Read all about it in this article. Stained glass is a very old phenomenon. There is a description for window frames consisting of bits of glass, which are mounted in lead frames. In this way, the images displayed. The windows ever become popular because it glassmakers then failed to make white window glass in one piece. They tried it in the Middle Ages, but the glass was too weak structure fell apart. First, in the early 19 structures that were discovered that made it easy to make large areas of empty window glass. To do this, windows were made from several pieces. This proved suitable for artistic activities. This happened especially in churches and old mansions. Glass was expensive and therefore only the wealthy could afford.

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