My Top 3 // Autumn Nail Polish

Autumn means good with us and gives us a lot of sunny hours.
The leaves gradually become discolored, the mild temperatures invite to extensive walks and I get fond of autumn colors in the wardrobe and on the nails. The theme for this round was therefore quickly chosen: Top 3 autumn nail polish! I looked briefly at my
nail polish collection and made my choice relatively quickly.
In the next two weeks, before the new Top 3 round begins,
I will introduce you the varnishes still by means of Tragebildern here on the blog. Thank you very much again to all the participants of the last round when it came to the top 3 complex products! My favorite concealer now comes to an end and I have many great tips for alternatives in your contributions.

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Special Collections Of Boots And Shoes From Wolverine

In 1974 the writer Len Wein and artist John Romita, inspired by the aggressiveness of the wolverine, a small and very fierce mammal, similar to a bear with tail, inhabitant of cold areas of Siberia, Canada, Alaska and Scandinavia, named a certain comic character, shortly after your hot temper and his adamantium claws made him one of the most beloved of the Marveluniverse. But long before that, in 1883, a company of Rockford, Michigan, began production of r footwear for workers and also adopted the name Wolverine, participating in the following years, the construction of buildings and railways, making some of the history of America and protecting the feet of workers with comfortable and resistant products. Continue reading Special Collections Of Boots And Shoes From Wolverine

Different Ways to Wear Scarves

This article is the result of a Sunday afternoon spent at home where I tried different ways to wear a garment that usually really struggle to bring… the scarf. Why, you ask? I do not even know really, I just know that I wear hardly one and that, when it happens, I try not to do it in the usual ways and “normal.” Here I am here, scarves and camera in my hands, I think and click. Let’s see what I’ve done… and I expect many opinions, girls!

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Applemews-New Iphone…

…clandestine Mac Update, Steve Jobs, 3G Macs, WWDC
finally back slightly upwind in the events around the company Apple: After I was able to report only on acquisitions last time, this time are finally products in the foreground. For the first time there are rumors about the appearance of a new iPhone and its specifications, secondly, rumors are still around a potential 3G functionality of upcoming Macs. In addition, Apple has the white MacBook quietly and secretly missed a cure. Last but not least, there is also news about Steve Jobs, which is awarded a good state on the one hand, and on the other he has let himself be seen on the Apple campus. So it’s going up!

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The Look Right: Military Jacket, Vest And Jeans Destroyed

With the month of May is already showing some cold temperatures, the faith in a real winter takes care of those who live below the Tropic of Capricorn, because there is no better time to exercise the style and abuse of overlays and combinations that in times of heat would be impossible. The look of this week we have a perfect combo for a casual winter by following some of the biggest trends of recent years. Continue reading The Look Right: Military Jacket, Vest And Jeans Destroyed

Parrot Zik 3: A New Version For This Helmet Design And Success

Say that the output from the first Parrot music did noise is an understatement. Designed by Stark himself, offering a high level sound, reducing active noise and Bluetoothconnectivity, it was a great success, extended by its evolution, the Parrot Zik 2. The manufacturer now announces the Zik 3. Continue reading Parrot Zik 3: A New Version For This Helmet Design And Success

With Transparent Yppig Blouses Plus Size

Trendy and classic at the same time? You can do exactly this balancing act with the key piece – the Yppig blouse plus size – our new outfit inspiration. A variety of blouses plus size is either timely or more classical in style here. The transparent blouse from the House of Yppig , however, combines both and is a real eye-catcher. Although the fence of this transparent chiffon blouse is very classic, but the button bar is decorated with many pearls and embroideries is a total hit. So you can wear this outfit on each case in the Office, combining the Yppig blouse for larger sizes easily with a basic black top.

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