Google Creates Security Team

It must not be dangerous to surf the Web and use apps on the smart phone, and therefore Google has started a new project.

Project Zero is the name of Google’s new team of experts must look for security gaps in apps, on websites and in other software, so it will be safe to move in the technological jungle.

Although it is Google, which is behind the Project Zero, then it is not only Google’s own products, the team will look for, since you also want to check third-party software and other companies’ websites. Continue reading Google Creates Security Team

Microsoft Will Fire 1000

Microsoft will cut down, and it goes beyond many Finns, who previously worked for Nokia

As you know, Microsoft bought the part of Nokia that made cell phones, and thus had to be a lot of employees to switch employers, and they can come back. Microsoft will fire 1000 of its Finnish employees.

In particular, there should be a Development Department in Oulu in Northern Finland, which earlier heard under Nokia, but now is Microsoft-owned. The Department, which employs 500 people, will be closed.

The remaining 500 employees, who can look forward to a redundancy notice will come from other Finnish branches of the new Microsoft.

In all, Microsoft has 127000 employees worldwide, which is considerably more than competitors Apple and Google, and around 4700 of them working in Finland.

This maneuver will be Microsoft’s biggest Danone since 2009.

Google Closer to Its Lenses

The search giant has taken a step in the direction of getting its slick lenses out to consumers with new collaboration.

Google has a while grublet over, how to make contact lenses chic, and they have some ideas. Now the Americans have come one step closer to making the lenses to a real product through a collaboration with the big Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis.

Where Google will be responsible for the development and the technical part of the fancy lenses, so will bring expertise within the Novartis physiological and real experience in the field of producing contact lenses. Continue reading Google Closer to Its Lenses

Apple in the Name Problems

It is mad with Touch ID from Apple, at least in name, for it is there already someone who has.

Touch ID was one of the things that separated Apple from the other in the mobile world, but when Apple would make Touch ID to a trademark earlier this year, they got refusal. A fingerprint scanner named Kronos Touch ID exists already.

The two names are too close to each other and will create confusion, has the US patent-and trademark-institution decided, and therefore must not therefore use Touch Apple ID name.

Many expect that Touch ID would be part of the next round of iPads not to say iPhone 6, but it can get to be called something else in the future.

There are, of course, the solution that Apple pays Kronos, who has been væremærket since the year 2001, for the right to call its technology for Touch ID, although it probably will not be cheap.

Remove All Notifications from Your Windows Phone in One Movement [Tip]

A dedicated button is built for the purpose, but a swipe with two fingers can also remove all notifications at once.

Navigation buttons on the mobile screen are hard to avoid, but mobile manufacturers are trying increasingly to implement smart motion, which can make the day-to-day operation of the device more comfortable and fluid.

Since there is not always given tips for using these helpful swipes, so using many still the common buttons to navigate between home screens, apps etc. Continue reading Remove All Notifications from Your Windows Phone in One Movement [Tip]

Helsinki Will Swap Cars for an App

The Finns have some times some crazy ideas, but maybe there is reason behind this idea.

Drivr, Uber, Lyft and other similar apps have made their foray on the world stage, where one can be allowed to run with private individuals, and the wave will Finland be with on. In the capital Helsinki will experiment with an official app that can mix public transport and private car pooling.

The goal is to reduce the number of cars in the city and offer all of the travelers have a comprehensive overview of transport in the Finnish capital. In addition, there will also be forecast in the app, so the traveler can see whether it is worthwhile to take the bike, or if you need to find a covered option. Continue reading Helsinki Will Swap Cars for an App

Get Android L Already Today

Do you dare to stick our necks out, so today you can try Android L on your Nexus device.

Android L has just been launched at Google I/O, and there are so many delights, the mobile page’s editor-in-Chief, Niels, should confine itself, by making a top 5.

You will experience the news on your own, then you can just now download Android L if you have a Nexus 5 or Nexus 7 (2013, WiFi). But we must warn that it is only for people with hair on the chest and those who do not cry, when one loses all its data, because you have not taken the backup. Continue reading Get Android L Already Today

From the White House to Tech

Who can get good things out of that work for the American President, when one’s employment there is over.

Even though you may not know it, then you have probably seen Jey Carney on television, he has been head of media relations for u.s. President Barack Obama. The position he has terminated, and he may be on his way to a job at Apple.

Their former PR Chief said up to two months ago, and Jay Carney is one of the candidates to take over the job of the US tech giant.

Additionally, Carney also mentioned as a possible candidate to stand in the forefront of the tremendously popular samkørsels-app Uber. The company behind the app has recently been assessed to be good 18 billion dollars worth.

Before the job in the White House have Carney experience as a journalist, among other things, as a reporter in Moscow under the Soviet Union’s collapse.

Samsung Takes Distance from Child Labour

After the report on child labour in at one of Samsung’s partners, Koreans have stopped cooperation.

It can occasionally be hard to keep track of its subcontractors, and it has also been for Samsung. The Organization China Labor Watch has created a report pointing to child labour in Shinyang Electronics, which is one of Samsung’s business partners.

On the basis of this report, Samsung has chosen to stop business with Shinyang Electronics temporarily. Continue reading Samsung Takes Distance from Child Labour

Beats Gives the German World Champions Unique 24-Karat Gifts

Beats Electronics has garnered major media coverage at the FIFA World Cup, and is now ready to give the champions a truly unique gift.

Beats Electronics, bought by techgiganten Apple, has not been an official sponsor of the FIFA World Cup that just ended with a German victory. Yet they have with a completely football-advertising implemented managed to create a great deal of media coverage for their iconic Beats headphones and Apple’s iPhone. Continue reading Beats Gives the German World Champions Unique 24-Karat Gifts

Nokia Stops Sales of Lumia 1020

Rumors says that Nokia will no longer sell Lumia 1020 to the fall, just a year after launch.

The market’s most extreme camera-smartphone is arguably Nokia Lumia 1020, which, with its 41 megapixels set new standard for image quality. Nokia Lumia 1020 was launched in July a year ago, but the cell phone came first in Danish stores in October.

1 year has passed and now Nokia and Microsoft believes that it is time for change. Therefore the 1020s life 14. Lumia stops September, if we are to believe on the latest rumors from EVleaks. In a Tweet writes EVLeaks to Lumia 1020 when “End of Life” in september, but “end of life” can mean several things. Continue reading Nokia Stops Sales of Lumia 1020

Screen Shots Can Be Taken in 2 Ways on Your New LG Flag Ship Mobile [Tip]

Mobile page shows today how you can take screen shots, if you have purchased LG’s latest flag ship cell G3.

Flag ship phone LG G3 from the South Korean techgigant has already garnered a great deal of attention among mobile site’s dedicated Android-interested, and in this LG G3 review: when the screen takes over [TEST] , you can read more about why the mobile site has given LG G3 five out of six possible stars.

Sales argument for the flagship phone is located partly in the impressive and ultra-sharp QHD display which put LG in the lead in this area. The phone also has, as LG G2, buttons located on the back, which may be said to be markedly different from other mobiles. Continue reading Screen Shots Can Be Taken in 2 Ways on Your New LG Flag Ship Mobile [Tip]

Samsung Teaser for Eye Scanner

A tweet from an official Samsung account could point to the fact that the Koreans will have new security measures in the future.

Korean Samsung may have big plans with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which is expected to be presented in September, according to a tweet from Samsung’s official Exynos account strongly suggests that future phones from the company will have an eye scanner.

Exynos is a processor series that Samsung produces, and the account has been verified, and that is why it is exciting, what’s coming from there.  Continue reading Samsung Teaser for Eye Scanner

Google Play Gets New Design

After displaying Android L’s new design, other Google services also gets new design.

The new Android L has not yet received its official name, but we know a part of the new features and improvements. One of the major changes in Android L, is designed, which has become more flat. Google call designed for “Material Design” and it is now being implemented in other Google services.

One of the most important Google services is app store Google Play, and Android Police have gotten a exlusivt peek into the design changes as Material Design gives Google Play.

As you can see in the pictures, so Google focuses more on imagery than on text descriptions. In the gallery you can see the current design, followed by the new design.

You can see more photos here, but what do you think of the new design, is it an improvement?

Samsung Galaxy S5 to Mini-Price [Mobildeal]

Now you can get Samsung’s sporty topmobil for an extra sharp price.

Price of Samsung’s S-flagship gets a gok downwards this week in Elgiganten. It bargains lowers the price of Galaxy S5 to just under 4000.0-crowns, or dangerously near the price of newly launched Galaxy S5 mini. Are you interested in having your fingers in all S5 benefits, is this offer enough is just the thing.

Samsung Galaxy S5 is 5. generation of Samsung’s popular S-series. Fifth family member merges both heart rate monitor, fingerprint reader and an excellent 16 MP camera and angles it into a waterproof shell.

The offer runs the week off, or as long as supplies last. Continue reading Samsung Galaxy S5 to Mini-Price [Mobildeal]

Samsung Langer Again out for Apple’s iPad

The it giant is once again ready to criticise the screen and the lack of split-screen multi-tasking on the iPad.

Techgiganterne taunts often competitors’ units by promoting exclusive features in flashy advertising for their own line-up of smartphones and tablets.

Apple’s popular iPad has repeatedly been under fire for the inability to display multiple apps at once, and not to follow the other companies struggle on screen resolution. Now Samsung is again ready with 2 advertisements, which admittedly does not mention iPad or showing the Apple logo but which is clearly aimed at the competitor’s tablet. It writes MacRumors. Continue reading Samsung Langer Again out for Apple’s iPad